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Recent posts by Anil Bharadia

in java.lang package, there is a class named Compiler

but how can i get the object of that class ?? there is no public constructor
11 years ago

Pramod P Deore wrote:My password is


and what is yours?


11 years ago

Rizvan Asgarov wrote:<< change your life but don't change your faith >>

Have a little faith -prison break
11 years ago

preethi singh wrote:its entertainment . but fun..

just entertainment and fun.....nothing real i think.
11 years ago
thanks Istvan,,

i tried the following code

now i unserstood the concept of array types

11 years ago

Ernest Friedman-Hill wrote:

Campbell Ritchie wrote:Unrelated abstract final classes? Can you have an abstract final class at all?

The compiler won't let you create one, but that doesn't mean the JVM can't make one for you.

but how can i tell JVM that i want one ?
11 years ago
what is the meaning of Foo and Bar ??
11 years ago

its not importing google's home page

is there rule that c:import can import only jsp or static html ...
11 years ago
from where i can download j2ee docs, so i can use it offline...
11 years ago
Hello friends, i want to create .exe file of my project because jar file can be decompiled easily.
How can i Create .exe file from .class or .jar file ?
12 years ago
Friends, its solved
i have control over other side of the socket.

i have changed the image type while i write it to OutputStream

from this
ImageIO.write(image, "jpeg", os);
// os is the OutputStream
to this
ImageIO.write(image, "BMP", os);

now it runs perfectly

thanks for your advice.
12 years ago
i am getting NegativeArraySizeException in line
img =;

12 years ago