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Recent posts by taibao memory

Arjun Shastry,foreigners are also ok!
If you are interested in it,you can send me your CV to jessica@jobfindyou.com
15 years ago
if you are interested, please contact me quickly.
15 years ago
thank you for your attention, I hope so!
15 years ago
about the company:
The largest ondemand global meetings management company in the $300 billion global marketplace for corporate meetings and events. Processing more than 3 million attendee registrations a year and delivering over $7.5 billion in revenue opportunities annually to meeting suppliers, This company brings together buyers and suppliers of meeting-related services on an unprecedented scale; delivering value through world class technology and services to both audiences. We are passionately and aggressively innovating with the state of the art technology to deliver high performing, highly available software as a service to our discriminating Corporate and Supplier community.

J2EE architect
JOb discription:
8+ years of combined experience in large scale software development with 3 years as architect or lead developer
Expert in J2EE, JSP, XML, HTML/DHTML, JavaScript, Web Services and other distributed technologies and architectures
Track record of leading Engineering teams in the delivery of high quality products in a star up environment
Expert in OO development skills, as demonstrated by having designed large scale projects
Expert in architecting, designing and leading the development of new products in emerging markets
Expert in design patterns and distributed systems
Product experience in search related technologies a huge plus
Demonstrated ability to lead senior engineers in design and implementation
Deep understanding with modern agile development methodologies and test-driven, component-oriented iterative development practices
Experience in working with distributed teams
Strong interpersonal skill and oral and written communication skills.
A BSCS or BSEE is required. Masters degree preferred.

data architect
Job discription:
. At least 8 years experience in the design and implementation of large-scale web enterprise application and database systems
. Must have led implementation of at least one very large scale database for hosted web enterprise application or consumer web application
. Expert in logical and physical database design, performance optimization, federated and parallel data management, high availability and capacity planning.
. Expert in data loading, data partitioning, data backup, indexing, access control
. Strong product experience in search related technologies
. Strong product experience in J2EE web application architecture and design
. Deep understanding of MS SQL Server and issues in using it in high data volume on transactional workload
. Deep understanding of performance issues at the operating system and storage levels
. Good understanding of tools for ETL, reporting
. Good experience with SQL Server SSIS
. Distributed (work with remote team) development experience a plus
. Experience in enterprise scale reporting, data warehouse design and implementation, and data analytics a plus.
. Cognos experience a plus
. Proven ability to influence technical and business leaders
. Excellent written and verbal communication skills
. BS in Computer Science, MS preferred

positon 3:
VB Senior software engineer
job discription:
* 5Y+developing experience, and 1-2 Y in VB development.Besides VB, Vb.net is also ok.
* Superior communication and troubleshooting skills.
* Must look professional, knowledgeable, and credible to customers.
* Excellent problem-solving skills, creative thinker
* Excellent verbal and written communication skills

if you are suitable for this position, please send your CV to jessica@jobfindyou.com
or you can communicate with huaguifang2008@hotmail.com

15 years ago