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Recent posts by ramnna jain


I found this document and now reading it.
But above discussion does not answer my exact question.
11 years ago
I want to know more about Java multi passes compiler:

How many passes are there a java compiler has? which are those?
11 years ago
I am creating an image gallery. The code is below.

The last line of code prints the image height of previous image, not the one set in the previous line.

Any clue to solve this problem!
I am facing problem while downloading file.

I am using java 6, tomcat 5.5, Struts 1.3.

I save file in "WEB-INF/activity_files/activity1" location. All file types get saved.

Here I am stating the problem and then the code I am using to download:

Problem: When I click on download link, I get the file download window with some weird file name with right file type icon on it and when I save..., some raw type file is saved.
The file saved is of correct size but the name is not the same and the file is not associated with any file type.

This is first time I am implementing file download.... I need help to diagnose and find solution. I appreciate any help.

13 years ago
Actually I mean the end user get quick response(action quickly returns back) & things happening in the background... may be I am still wrong.. please correct me.

As far as resources, infrastructure and efficient ways to do things... I really like the idea of using thread for resizing images
and using Message Ques to send mails. I must really think this way...

Thanks for your guidance.

13 years ago
In my web application there is an action which takes time to complete because it does several things like
resizes an image in two different sizes and saves record also sends mail.

To reduce time I am trying to do it in a different way!

I am creating a class which is implementing HttpSessionBindingListener so that when the action gets executed
the action will create an object from it. The object will have required instance variables. When I add the object to
the users session, the valueBaund() will be called. The method is programmed to does other tasks.

I want to know if this approach is correct to implement?

I am using tomcat 5.5 and struts 1.3.
13 years ago
I tried and getting desired result:

13 years ago
I am trying the below code to draw image with setting background color white.
The generated image is an image with black background.

How to overcome this problem?

13 years ago
I get the desired results. Thanks for your support.
13 years ago
I tried the following code... but the saving file is erroneous... the file with the given
name is created but shows size 0 bytes.

13 years ago
In my application I allow to save an image file of type jpeg.
But when I save it, I found the file size reduced means the loss of image quality.
Example: (suppose in my local drive the file size is 1.4mb. after uploading to the server the file saved on the server shows 644kb).

I want to save the image in its original file size.

Here is the code I use to save the image file.

13 years ago
I am new to openEjb.

I want to know if it is in production ready state?
Currently I am using tomcat 5.5 and willing to use EJB 3
In an another attempt I tried normal form submission normally means not through ajax...

No warning message... now able to get form values from formbean. But the no form validation happens.
14 years ago
I made a change: the formbean now extends ActionForm, instead of extending ValidatorActionForm.
With this change I found the action class method is accessed which was not happening previously. It prints 'hi'(see the code above).
But the formbean is not able to map the property stated in the jsp.

I think some problem occur at the time of starting validation... may be the COR try to process message resource & it does not find one!

14 years ago