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Jakub Golebiowski

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since Mar 16, 2009
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Recent posts by Jakub Golebiowski

After 12 weeks of waiting I got the Oracle's email saying I passed.
I had Big Smokes Cigar assignment (upload on 27th September) and took the essay on 29th September.
Got 132/160pts and it was a big relief, because I followed Mark Cade's style of diagrams, and I was worried
that deployment diagram will be incomplete. But fortunatelly adding hardware profiles got me required portion
of detail.

Thank you for all the valuable help/information I could get on this Forum.

Good luck for all other people still waiting!!
11 years ago

to confuse a bit more,
does anyone know if voucher (I bought it from education Oracle) that has prefix other than "SC" (so it won't work with prometric) will work with pearson vue ??
Should I replace it and download assignment in prometric or wait and try at pearson vue??

Best Regards ;)