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Recent posts by Jessica Curtner

hello, I am a little stuck on a homework assignment, "Pennies for Pay" basically i have to write a program using a loop that will calculate a persons earnings over a period of time. The person will earn a penny the first day, 2 pennies the second day and continues to double each day and show a table displaying the salary for each day and total pay at the end of the period... My problem is the output i am getting is different than it should be see below:

How many days did you work?
Days Worked Amount Paid
1 0.02 <--This should be 1
2 0.04
3 0.08
4 0.16
5 0.32
Your total pay is
BUILD SUCCESSFUL (total time: 3 seconds)

Am i doing something wrong with the increment or am i multiplying wrong?? PLEASE HELP!!

11 years ago
I'm doing a project for school about shipping rates i need to make a program that will ask the user to enter a weight of a package and the amount of miles they want to ship it.. the rates per 500 miles are as follows:
2lbs or less 1.10
over 2 lbs but not more than 6lbs 2.20
6lbs but not more than 10 lbs 3.70
over 10 lbs is 3.80

I am having a hard time trying to figure out what i need to put in my code to have any package being sent under 500 miles get set to the minimum shipping rate listed above or is there a different way i should be setting this up??.. can someone please explain to me what i need to do i would greatly appreciate it.. Here is what i have so far:
11 years ago