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Recent posts by jagrutkumar dalwadi

I am using Hibernate 3. In that I am using
utility for generating the db from Pojo with annotations.

I am facing one odd behaviour which is as below:
When I have put unique constraint on my getter method, it is creating Unique constraint in database.

2. However when I have put this annotation on my field, it is not creating unique constraint in database.

can anyone suggest regarding such behaviour?

I am not sure that what is the minimally required servlet/JSP API version that Jasper requires.
7 years ago
Hello Ranchers,

We are planning to create reports using latest version of jasper reports(http://community.jaspersoft.com/project/jasperreports-library/releases). Currently we are using Apache-Tomcat 6.6.20. We are not sure that is there any compatibility issue between latest version of jasper reports jars and Apache-tomcat versions?

I have searched for this. Unable to find any concrete information regarding this.

7 years ago
I am not sure that lambda expression and function pointers are same or different. can anyone please help me in this?
7 years ago
It is defined in to the welcome file list. If possible, please try.
8 years ago
By looking at your error it seems that it is servlet configuration issue.

Correct configuration would be as below:


Reason: If we are putting "/" before url pattern, container understands that request should start from the servlet context. However that we dont want in this case.
8 years ago
By looking at the query, it seems to be OK.
However can you please set setSqlEnabled property as true(in hibernate it is there, not sure about JPA) and check which query has been prepared by JPA?

Once you get simple query, you can fire on DB and check the expected behavior. If query is wrong, it means jpa query requires changes.
Can you anyone suggest how can we use JPA in Project, as it is just specification not implementation like Hibernate or Toplink?
I have just read some of the blog to know about the NoSql.

Can any one suggest that is there any provision of trigger/procedures(which are there in RDBMS) in NoSql like MongoDB/Neo4j?
8 years ago
I have read some of the older answers of ranchers and found that ePractice labs has some questions with wrong answers. However, some have also mentioned that some of the question of this directly coming in exam.

I am also confused in this front. Do you have idea about the Whizlabs simulator? Very less suggestion for this.
First of Congrates Cosmin.

I have started reading Web services up and running book. Also looking into Ivan's notes.

For ex. It will be very helpful for all ranchers to refer. As suggested, No JAXR no UDDI are not required in Ivan's book.

Please suggest, if i need to look into other ref material as well.

Can you please suggest what all topics of evan's notes are not required for ocpjwsd 5?

8 years ago
Currently i am preparing for the Web Services Certification (SCDJWS/OCPJWSD).

Does anyone have idea about the Whizlabs simulator better for this certification or not?
From your question, i seems that if particular resource has accessed, queuing mechanism needs to be set.

Servlets runs in multi threading environment. Here thread means user asking for resource. Please refer single threaded behavior of servlet.

If your requirement is for only one resource, you can create ServletRequestListener class which will handle such users. It will call for each and every request coming from user.
8 years ago
Also jsp file is used for showing data/view purpose only. It should not contain Business logic or controller related code.
Controller related code should be in servlet and business logic should be in Pojo.
As per the good programming practise, scriptlets should not be used in jsp file, rather use jsp standard actions.
8 years ago
Ok. When tomcat is started, 'project name' folder would be created and it should contains class files of your application(i.e. in WEB-INF/classes).
8 years ago