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since Mar 27, 2009
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Recent posts by Tanasoiu Alexandru

mmmm... okay but what about the part where i have to know witch ones were checked...
And if I use just one panel... how can I do this then... ??
I have to go now, I'll read about GridLayouts when I get home and post some code and see what I am able to do.
14 years ago
Hello there.
I want to create some dynamic checkboxes based on the content of two tables from my DB that looks like a pivot.

I was thinking before I red this topic about using a Vector<JPanel> for each line and one more for the labels above.
Each JPanel offcourse will have a Vector of components like described in the recent posts.
I am new to java swing and i don't know very good the layouts and how can I use them just in a single Panel in witout using the Vector of JPanels

Or I was thinking maybe to use a JTable but i'm not so good with them so i'll better stick with the panels
I will post some code to do this tonight.
What do you guys think?
Is there a better way to do this without using the Vector of JPanels?
If you can do this into a single panel and if that isn't to complicated to work with then please help

14 years ago