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Recent posts by prinz reyes

Thanks again for your reply..

here's what i really want to do.

1. i created a from using iText that is editable.
2. then user can download it and save it example in their desktop.
3. user provide data in the required fields and then save the file.
4. Upload the completed file to a site or email it.

but the problem is after i edit or fill up the form i cannot save it.

Do you have any idea?

Im really sorry for the disturbance.

14 years ago
Thanks for your quick response. I tried the link you gave me but i still have problem.

what if i want to save the data directly to the database after clicking POST?

Or should i say i want to save a copy of the completed form to another pdf form?
14 years ago

I generated a registration form in java using iText. The form was editable so my users can input their name, age and other details. I have to save the form afterwards so that i can get the data that the user wrote in my pdf form.

I can write the details in my pdf file but when im saving the file i am prompted that the data i provided will not be saved and if i want to have a copy of the completed form i should print it.

Is there any way that i can save my form after user input so that i can get their data?

Thank you.
14 years ago
i still have another problem..

everytime i generate my report for the second time i am having an error..

i have read from other forums that i just have to make my WritableCellFormat as local variables and i tried it but it did not work.

do you have any idea?

thank you again
thanks for the reply..i have found the solution..

instead of using ; i used comma(,) in the formula.

so instead of IF(C53=0; 0; C52/C53*100) it should be this way IF(C53=0, 0, C52/C53*100) .

i don't know how it happened but it worked!

thanks for your response!i really appreciate!
i have this formula in my report using jxl..the formula works fine but then i have an error for the division of zero so i tried to use if.

here is a sample of my formula :

IF(C53=0; 0; C52/C53*100)

using this formula in excel is working but in my java code i am having an error:

Warning: Lexical error: (C53=0; 0; C52/C53*100) at char 6 when parsing formula (C53=0; 0; C52/C53*100) in cell Monthly SKU!E52

Does anyone have any idea on how to use the if condition in jxl?

hi! im new to Jasper Report and i have a problem with subreport..and by the way im also using ireport3.0

i have my master report (Agency.jrxml) and my subreport(Employee.jrxml)..
when i run each report individually all goes well but when i add a subreport to Agency.jrxml an exception occur:

this is what i did:

where: REPORT-->path of my master report and dataSource--> is the dataSource of my master report
i passed my subreports dataSource as a parameter to my master report..
my subreports dataSource is a list of employees.

i think the problem here is the report can't load the parameter that i passed..but how can i pass the dataSource of my subreport to fill its parameters?
can someone help me with this?
thank you...
hi im new with jasper report..

i have a master report Agency.jrxml and a subreport Employee.jrxml. When i run my code i get the following exception:

What i did was i passed my subreport dataSource as a parameter in my master report:

where REPORT --> path of my master Report and dataSource--> JRDataSource of my master report..
im also using ireport..

can someone help me here?tnx