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Recent posts by Dhruv Arya

I took my passport xerox and two photos it is required at the prometric center before you give the exam
I was wondering what is the value of SCJP and SCWCD if you are one. Does it improve the chances of getting scholarship in the US for a masters program.
I passed SCJP with 80% and wanted to thank all who helped. I am just in second year of college so a big leap for me. i got the printed report so do we get anything more or just that?
14 years ago
please help with this question ..

The answer is Sub1 2 dont understand how?
I just wanted to know that how should I know that i am ready for the exam, have done more than 100 mocks and also scored ok not bad reviewed the k&b book almost 5 times doing all questions and the mistakes made earlier but am still nervous and get tensed if i get a question wrong
Today doing the Learn Key exams I got a question regarding backed collections so thanks for the advice
Got it thanks guys maybe going too much into it got me confused thanks for the help

The result given in the LearnKey exam is Good Please help explaining this?
I just wanted to know whether the methods defined TreeSet i.s headSet(), subSet(), and tailSet() important to do for the exam because doing the mock tests havent any question pertaining to this
Harsh is correct in saying that the expressions are evaluated from right to left in assignement.
An ArrayIndexOutOfBoundsException will be thrown if the expression is replaced with
I wanted to know the questions that have multiple answers on the exam would the question mention the number of correct answers out of the given choices?
Thanks alot Henry I get it now Thank You
Thanks Alot I totally get my mistake you guys made my day Thank You