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Recent posts by Gökhan Sakalli

That exactly is what the answer to my question is.

Thank you very much. I was looking for what T and Z means.

13 years ago
Hello. I am trying to send a Calendar object as a parameter

For example i am trying to send

10th of Januarry 2010 11:47

and it sends 2011-01-10T09:47:49.000Z(This date was converted from java.sql.Date object to Calendar object)

When i try to send 10th of Januarry 2010(no hour or second, was converted from java.util.Date to Calendar object)

it sends 2011-01-09T22:00:00.000Z

Does not 2011-01-09T22:00:00.000Z mean 10th of Januarry 2010?

Thank you. BTW I'm in Turkey.
13 years ago
Thank you. i can now run a select example on RAD.

But i use hibernate 2 and i want to use hibernate 3 and we have jdk 1.4
SELECT mynote from Mynote as mynote, Notedescription as notedescription
WHERE mynote.username = :username and mynote.usersurname = :usersurname
and notedescription.username = mynote.username and notedescription.usersurname = mynote.usersurname
and notedescription.isturkish = :isturkish

query.setParameter("username", username);
query.setParameter("usersurname", usersurname);
query.setParameter("isturkish", isturkish);

could not resolve property: username of: com.examples.entity.MyNote

There is PK-FK relationships between these tables. username and usersurname

But i didn't define them on mapping files.

Why do i keep getting this error?

both tables(classes) have username and usersurname columns(properties).

Hi we have a big project and we use JDBC to connect to our databases.

I'm given a task to use hibernate connection and doing a job that we used to do using jdbc.
Which version of hibernate will i need to use and what steps will i take?
I know configuration files but i don't know how to define my hibernate-cfg.xml using datasources defined in RAD.
i won't use connection user name or password, i must use a datasource which the connection name and password is defined in.
I did connect using eclipse and tomcat at home but RAD seems to be hard for me.

Can I use hibernate 3 and which other jar files do i need?

Apache Axis?
13 years ago
i don't know what Webservice annotation is. it's wierd when i look at the WSDL file i see minoccurs property. But when i call the service as a client from internet explorer i can't see minoccurs property.

Can you please help me about this?
13 years ago
Hello. I try to connect to a host by using


When i connect ssh.connect(hostname,portname)

i see in system.out log these messages;

The host key fingerprint is: 1024: XX XX XX XX XX XX XX XX XX X XX XX XX XX XX XX

Do you want to allow this host key? [Yes|No|Always]:

com.sshtools.j2ssh.transport.TransportProtocolClient verifyHostKey The host key was not accepted

I want to accept this key but i am not able to. Is there a method for accepting this key?

I searched for known_hosts file and adding this host key can fix my problem.

How do i add this key?

What is the format for adding the key manually?

must the line be like this?


13 years ago
Hello. I have a web module which i have wsdl files in it.
When i create a wsdl file automatically from my java code; there is an element like this

<element name="myNumber" type="xsd:int" />

But i want this element not to be mandatory so i do this like this,

<element name="myNumber" minOccurs="0" type="xsd:int" />

When i export an EAR file from my project the type myNumber deletes the propert minOccurs and becomes

<element name="myNumber" type="xsd:int" />

How can i add minOccurs property when i am creating the WSDL file automatically?

13 years ago
String host = host_adress
SshClient ssh = new SshClient();
System.out.println("ssh is connected--->"+ssh.isConnected());
PasswordAuthenticationClient passwordAuthenticationClient = new PasswordAuthenticationClient();
int result = ssh.authenticate(passwordAuthenticationClient);
if(result != AuthenticationProtocolState.COMPLETE){
throw new Exception("Login to host failed");

Above i just want to connect to an FTP server. We gave them our IP adress and they gave us which port to connect and also we gave them the information that we would connect to their FTP server by using Core FTP.
They opened their port.

When i try to connect; i get this exception Connection refused: connect

I use com.sshtools.j2ssh

What is wrong here? FTP over SSH? Yes i am using this. I also want to add that on the browser i get certificate error.

I'm gonna loose my mind...
14 years ago
I want to use the FTPSClient class or something like that? This is my first time that i try to connect to an FTP server over SSL. But i have JDK 1.4 and i can't solve this problem? Can not I solve this problem with a different way?

14 years ago
Hi guys. I have to connect to an FTP server using secure FTP. I have download library but i can't seem to be able to use it with JDK 1.4.

I must connect to that server and i couldn't find any solution about it. Please help.



14 years ago
Hello people.

I have a problem about select boxes.

I have options named like "nothing else matters" or "love me tender" in my select box.

Anyways, i want the width of my select box at a fixed width but when i do it, i can't see some option names properly. For example i see "nothing else m" and so on.

Is there any way to prevent this kind of a problem? Or do i really have to increase the width of the select box as much as my option's name's length?
Hello. I want to execute an SQL query in a method.

re = preparedstatement.execute(parameters);

After i invoke this method, how is the format of the rs?

And can i populate a textbox in a JSP file with my rs?

Output :
s1 and s2 has ...
s1 and s2 points to ....