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Recent posts by Bhagat Singh Rawat

V Hs wrote:I need to get the Server Name of the Current Managed Server on which currently i m in.

If you are using Weblogic server, here is an example:

13 years ago
write a JavaScript method and call it onload. get options and iterate through them. Set option.selected=true whichever you want.
13 years ago
Change your JSP like:

Note: name will be used for Form Name.
13 years ago

neil johnson wrote:Hi, i am new to webservices. I am looking for apache cxf plugin for eclipse. Is it available. if so let me know the plugin downloadable site url.
If not please provide the links that guide me in developing a simple webservice using apache cxf.

Check here:
Design and implement POJO Web services using Spring and Apache CXF
13 years ago

Madhurya Ranjan wrote:I have created client code generated by Apache CXF. The problem is how can I close the connection after calling the web services methods.I just want to make sure that after calling the webservices , it should be closed.Please help me out if there is any method to do so.

You need not to close anything, just use System.exit(0);
13 years ago

deepa karra wrote:Thankyou. I donot want to edit in the same row. When i click edit button, i want to create a new row along with the data below the original record and then edit in the newly created row.

Then you should learn HTML "how to add new elements dynamically on HTML"?
14 years ago

deepa karra wrote:I am retreiving data from the database into a jsp page using struts and hibernate. I want to edit the data on clicking an edit button. How do i create a new row of the retreived record along with the data for editing ?

Make all the html elements read only in jsp initially, when you click on edit button just make them editable. Make sure you are using saveOrupdate method while persistence data at session.
14 years ago

Vivek K Singh wrote:
We have an application where we make a lot of WS Calls (all of them are RESTFul WS). We use Jersey to make RESTFul calls.

In a new requirement we need to consume a SOAP based WS, Can we use Jersey to call the SOAP WS ? Pass the SOAP XML as a String?

Please check at SOAP over RESTy Client
14 years ago

Kee Kee moon wrote:I have a directory which contains many subdir with java files.
How to load into eclipse IDE.

1-Go to File->Import->General->File System, Click Next button
2- Navigate to your parent directory-check the directory check box and click finish button

You are all set.


returns Object Array, so it is unknown what the type is.
14 years ago

HTTP-MQ bridge supportpac MA0Y extends the reach of MQ into the Web 2.0 world, MQ provides a Universal Messaging Backbone capable of accessing and delivering business data with a range of Qualities of Service both inside and outside of their enterprises. MA0Y functionality is included in WebSphere MQ V7.0 which contains a major set of JMS support enhancements: an integrated Publish/Subscribe capability (accessible from the MQ API as well as JMS). This enables adoption of event-driven SOA.

for more detail read at WebSphere MQ Wiki
14 years ago

Marc Cracco wrote:So thinking about this and I came up with this. I shouldn't store the billableitems on an invoice as billableitems. Reason being is that they are not a billableitem but an edited version of one.
I'm wondering if I should somehow just have a list in my invoice that would just keep the billableitem id and the cost but not as an object but two variables. Then when I would load my invoice
from memory i could load the billableitem with the id and then use my setter to set the price on load if different. Since the object itself would not be saved but just those variables hibernate
shouldn't cry foul... maybe?

Sounds good to me...
Hi Marc,

Can you tell us the tables structure and how they are joined and also your mapping files...

Amod Gupta wrote:doesnt matter say i have the class in a string variable.

Go through the link below, may be it will help you!!!

Compile a Java source from inside a Java program
14 years ago