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Recent posts by Matt Kohanek

Ha, it is funny to see a reply notification email show up for something I posted 4 years ago. I have been a developer for 4 1/2 years now, and I definitely know the uses of final and static at this point.
It is kind of funny, and actually pretty embarrassing to look back and see my past self ask these types of questions now
8 years ago
I was using a db:type of Struct where I should have been using Array - hopefully this helps someone else if they come across this...
The annoying part is, I know that I thought of that earlier and tried the change, but something else must have been wrong at the time, because it didn't resolve things for me then.
To fix this, I just started the project over and generated the xsd from scratch rather than trying to go in and edit the files that already existed.
11 years ago

I have a PL SQL procedure with a param that is a user defined type. That type contains simple params (VARCHAR2, NUMBER). I have added a complex type to it. I am now trying to edit our BPEL process to reflect this. I have done something similar before without trouble, and it worked fine. This time however, when I invoke the BPEL, I get the following:

<part name="summary">
<summary>Exception occured when binding was invoked. Exception occured during invocation of JCA binding: "JCA Binding execute of Reference operation 'NIC_IMPORT' failed due to: Parse struct conversion error. An error occurred while parsing XML representing a Java struct. Unable to convert the XSD element WEB_TXN_REFERENCES whose user defined type is APPS.WEB_REFERENCES to a Java struct. Cause: java.sql.SQLException: ORA-01427: single-row subquery returns more than one row ". The invoked JCA adapter raised a resource exception. Please examine the above error message carefully to determine a resolution. </summary>
<part name="detail">
<detail>ORA-01427: single-row subquery returns more than one row </detail>
<part name="code">

WEB_REFERENCES is the new complex type. It is just a type made up of a table of another user defined type:

That second type (WEB_REFERENCE) contains three params.

So basically my procedure has some simple parameters, and a complex parameter. I am trying to add the above complex type to the complex parameter.

This might help visualize it:

param1 VARCHAR2
param2 LINE_TYPE
-->sub_param1 VARCHAR2
-->sub_param2 WEB_REFERENCES
---->sub2_param WEB_REFERENCE
-------->param1 VARCHAR2
-------->param2 VARCHAR2
-------->param3 VARCHAR2

Can anyone give some guidance based on this error message?
11 years ago
Hi Tim

I should have posted my reply to this for others benefit, but I was in a hurry (though you have added more info than I could have so it works out).
But I pulled out my JSF textbook after not finding what I needed online, and came to the same conclusion you point out.
I did decide to not have operators in my rendered attribute, and found a way to just have it in the managed bean. Much cleaner. I just needed a reminder about separating business and presentation layers from that text book. Sometimes I too easily forget some of these cardinal coding habits.
Thanks for your reply though, you still added more info than I had before in the history and usage behind the expressions.
11 years ago
So the first thing I am trying to clear up is, is the term 'EL expression' the correct term for each of the following:

I am sure the first is an EL Expression, but I am not so sure what to call the second (the one that uses a pound sign).

This question is complicating a search for info I am doing. I am trying to look at putting two conditions in such an expression - mainly the syntax of the operators. But when I do a search for 'EL Expression operators' or something similar, all I find are examples of EL expressions with $ symbols. I am able to somewhat put it to use, but the uncertainty I have about the topic is making me wonder if I am getting all the info I should. Can someone help clear this up for me? And if anyone has a good link on the topics I mention I would appreciate that.


edit - I know you can also refer to it as a value binding or method binding expression btw - I am just wondering if it also falls under the term 'EL Expression'
11 years ago
Hey all

When a user clicks a login button, I need to trigger the java to do that login.

Then if the user successfully logs in, I need to render the page as needed. Easy enough of course.

But I would like to add another step into that. After the page is rendered, I would like to trigger yet another java bean method. All originating with that login button click. Of course I could have the bean fire upon this render happening. However, there are other actions that could cause this partial page render to occur other than the login click, and I do no want this extra set of actions to occur int hat case.

Hope this makes sense. This is more to put out feelers for any tips for this right now, I will hope to have more details as I work on this more.
11 years ago

Right now I change the mouse by doing this when a button on my page is clicked.

I have the code in place to change the cursor back as needed for the most part. However, there is one case where I cannot stop the loading cursor indication - when the user hits the browser stop button

Is there a way to monitor this event, and take some action if it occurs?
edit - seems the answer to most of my question is found here if it helps anyone else:

I will mark this resolved for now until I have had a chance to try and implement this solution

Hey all

First off, I am pretty sure I have not posted this question here yet, though I am not 100% certain, so I apologize if this is duplicated.

Anyway, I am using a <f:ajax> tag to call some code and render different error panels (and one form) as needed. here is the jsf:

And here is the resulting html:

That anchor tag should also have the following, but for some reason it will not display correctly on the forum:

When I click this button, I get the following pop up in IE9 (not 8, or even IE9 compatibility mode)

malformedXML: Unable to get value of the property 'removeChild': object is null or undefined.

The bean method triggers correctly. The rendering of the error panel even works.
Anyone out there who can help with this? No one seems to have much of an idea about what to do so far :/

edit - I even simplified the command link and ajax tag to the bare minimum, to rule out all I could, and this still occurs. Is this just a problem with IE? I can't imagine that is it, but I have the bare minimum (as far as I know) and it still triggers that popup:

If I go ahead and remove the renders= attribute, the error does not occur. So when it tries to render has soemthign to do with the root cause of the trouble here.
11 years ago
edit - heh, didn't know I would send you off on a rant there haha - but yeah, I have had my identity stolen twice myself, and it suuucks. I think the last time was due to Sony's negligence

So it seems the difference between my local js file and the one on the server, is that the one on the server surrounds the javascript with:

If I add that to my local file I get the same error. From what I can find, this is apparently surrounding the javascipt functions with a namespace (in addition to being the same as document.ready). So I need to add the namespace to the js calls in the onclick events. But I do not know what the namespace default would be here, or how to declare one (I have tried a lot of educated guessing without luck). I know very little about javascript namespacing (basically what I have learned today)

So this may be better off in the js forum at this point. Unless someone here has encountered this or has an idea of how I can resolve this? I am thinking of just having them put this in its own js file on the server so there is no need to surround it with this. It is only being done now because it is being added to a bunch of other js in a file.
11 years ago
Well you have given me some ideas, I will update the thread with my results.
I am curious, what indicates that I am using some user designed security? I am actually not, though I can see how some of the text I use is misleading. But none of the js there is for security, I am using my companies user api for that in the backing bean.
11 years ago
Well, I am using ajax in the element. Here is the jsf for it:

and here is the onclick from the generated html:

here is the rest of the generated html (I am not able to put those in the same code block, it would not display these together for some reason)

So in the generated html I see it is calling jsf.util.chain, passing in the onclick event. This makes sense, because jsf.util.chain is where this error is triggered. I just do not understand why it cannot find the registerDCSAction function from there.
11 years ago
Hey all

I could not decide if this belongs in the js forums or here, so please move it if you believe it belongs there.

I have an onclick event on a <h:commandLink> that calls some js I created. When I bundled it as part of my ear file it worked fine. But now that custom js is part of a file on our server that we import. And ever since doing that, I get a js error, 'registerEvent not defined', and it points me to a line in jsf.js:

jsf.js is part of jsf-impl.jar, which is a shared library on our server.

That is about as much as I know about this. Has anyone had a similar issue or any idea of a way to deal with this?
11 years ago
Needed to change <head> tags to <h:head>
Working now
11 years ago
Well, now that I am testing the right page, I am getting something else.
When I click the button the page is not rerendered, but neither is the area I define. I am getting this js error each time I click:

mojarra is not defined

So the following is not there I would assume:

<script type="text/javascript" src="/maze/javax.faces.resource/jsf.js.xhtml?ln=javax.faces">

But I am nto sure why or what to do about it
11 years ago
edit - heh, turns out I was looking at the deployed app on an old context-root.... so all my attempts were not actually getting tested,. Not saying I have this figured out yet, but it is at least explainable now

Hey all

I have the following jsf:

You can probably see it is a basic login form. I have the command link set to call the login method, and I only want it to render this div. So I added the f:ajax tag close to the bottom there, but it is not behaving like I expect. I should mention this is my first attempt to use ajax, so I am probably doing something dumb.
I tried a few variations without luck, can someone guide me a bit here?
It seems the fact that I am calling login method is causing the page to reload no matter what. There is no logic there to reload the page, we just check the username and password and add errors if it fails (we redicret if it logs in, but that is not what I am worried about, I am working on getting only a portion of the page reloading when there is a login error).
11 years ago