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Recent posts by bharani rao


i have a jsp file which collects the students details.
when i click the submit button it should access a java file which calculates the total and average and display it in another jsp file.
i don not want to view the java file. when submit is clicked on the first page it should directly go to another java page( to view)

can any one give me a small example code of the three files.

thanks in advance
14 years ago
thank you Ankit and Bear
14 years ago

i'm running a html page which collects students' details( a.html).
when i submit it , it it should process the total average in b.jsp.

i was able to do that.
but the b.jsp should redirect the page to c.jsp where it should print the result.

i was able to redirect to c.jsp.

i used response.sendRedirect("c.jsp");

now it is showing error in the c.jsp.

this is c.jsp file.

the error is

this is b.jsp

where am i missing...
please help.

thanks in advance
14 years ago
hi eric,
not yet..
i have to do it.

hi eric,

yes, it would fail me...
is this expression ok

to check both alpha numerals.

or is there a fundamental mistake i'm making???

thanks in advance

i'm trying to validate only numbers in one input text and to validate only alphabets for another text.

here is the code

i'm getting the input in a text box.
i'm declaring var alpha = /[a-zA-z]/; to specify the a-zA-Z
i might be declaring something like var numb=/0-9/; for numbers.

some text box should get only text and some should get only numbers.
to get only numbers i tried,

stud is the name of my form.
when i run it shows NaN in the output text boxes which should show sum and average and not the alert box.

any help please.

i have a java swing code with not an iota of issues.( it has 2 panels and components in that panel. one north panel, one is south panel. the south panel has only one JLabel).
i have converted that into applet.

now the south panel which is supposed to sow the status messages is only partly visible ( for example, if it has to show registered : it will only show regis.... ) when i resize the window (when run from the IDE it will be fine. everytime i have to do this when i restart the applet. running from ide does not matter. while running from browser too it has the same problem but it wont be fixed with resizing the browser.

what might be the problem
thank you in advance

14 years ago
hi ulf,

this is the last day with this product.. anyways will use jnlp in near future when in production of this product..

thank you very much
14 years ago

actually it did not work..( it worked for only one time )
now the same problem arises...

thank you in advance
14 years ago
hi all,

i found the solution

i removed

as the error shows line 67 in, ( it was where i call another class which has the name of the actual dll).
was in line 225, instead of this i replaced it with the line 67( i cut and paste here in line 225)

it solved the problem.

thank you
14 years ago

i have an applet code which uses dll file.
when i run the applet in the client, it should download a file from the server and store in a dir called sip in the c:\
( if the dir is not present, it should create a dir named sip ----- so it will have c:\sip )

all the above said is working fine.
now i have to set c:\sip as the java. library.path for the client machine.

so i used the following lines in my code

but it did not work,
it is showing the following error message

what should i do..

any suggestions please..

thanks in advance
14 years ago
hi peter,
i found the solutions just an hour back.

actually i did not install java, rather, java was not properly installed on my system.
so i reinstalled java and now the eclipse is running fine.

thank you

i have eclipse-java-ganymedesr2-win32.
it has an exe file.
but when i run it it is showing

could not open d:\lib\i386\jvm.cfg

i have path as 3;D:\Program Files\Java\jdk1.6.0_12\bin;D:\Program Files\Java\jdk1.6.0_12\jre; in user variables

in system variables
i have JAVA_PATH D:\Program Files\Java\jdk1.6.0_12\jre
QTJAVA D:\lib\ext\

what should i do

thank you in advance
hi campbell,

it worked...
i removed the classpath as you suggested.....

now when i give path in command prompt it shows,
;D:\Program Files\Java\jdk1.6.0_12\bin;D:\Program Files\Java\jdk1.6.0_12\jre;
is this fine..

now i run the javac command, when i run it shows the list of options....

thank you very much..
14 years ago