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Recent posts by monofremix

Today I become SCWCD. I've passed with 72%.
I expected more about myself but at least i did.
When I was doing the test, I felt confident and sure about my answers, but the result was different
Maybe my understanding in English is not really good. Ok! what I was expecting after having studied English(ESL) for about only 7 months. Now I'm sure I need more time to have a better performance.
Why Only English or Japanes, why not *Spanish*, French, Italian, or another language.. Do you think this is fair?.. Any way! I'm sure I'm learning something else in this life
I want to thanks to all people in this forum... You are a great help to achieve any of these certifications.
This is my contribution:
DD (Everything related to Servlet, Authentication, Listeners)
TLD (Basic tags)
Constants LIKE EVAL_BODY, SKIP_BODY, etc, etc
Web Object Scope
Implicit Objects
Servlet Cycle Life
No Question about Filters
Pattherns out of the study guide: Facade, Bimodal Data Access Object, Decorator, Session Entity Facade
Event Model
I hope with these I can help someone else, as you did with me


Hello Prem
Try with the following:
Use the State Pattern for controling each state [back, next buttons} and a CardLayoutPanel object (for each panel)
Each state will notify the CardLayoutPanel to show the right option
There will be just one panel including the NEXT and BACK button wich implement the ActionListener interface
Check this link for more informatio about this pattern"
This the only help I can give you for now.

Once I applied "STATE PATTERN" for the same case and was just great. When I had to add more options, just I had to create
another state and that's it.

Originally posted by Pondy Prem:
I All:
I would like to know whether any design pattern exists for Wizard creation and control

1. What are the collaborating classes ?
2. Who should create the wizard frame ?
3. Who should listen for "Back" "Next" "Cancel" Buttons ?
4. Who should decide what is the next/prev panel to show
5. Who should track the current state of the wizard-process ?

Thank you,

Each test was different, the only one question
that was the same, at first three test, was about paint() and uptate() methods.


Originally posted by Tom Bendtsen:
did you get the same test each time you took it....or do they scramble it.

20 years ago
I tried three times the SCJP certification,
and now finally I have passed the SCJP2 with 76%.
This certification is even harder, for people who you not have English as a first language. If this is your case, you have to be really carefully with all the questions, in order to avoid falling down the trap.
I want to thank yuo, to all Java Ranchers
for your all good advice.

20 years ago