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I am a software architect and programmer that enjoys open source technologies, specifically on the JVM.
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Recent posts by R.J. Salicco

I was certified as a Java 5 developer (Sun certification - I'm that old). Is the book enough material to make the leap to get certified for Java 11?

I want to learn the benefits of Java 11 and studying for the certification would be a great path forward.

Thank you,
Craig - thank you for the response. Totally agree with what you said - I rarely find myself in a place with Spring where I am saying, "why does Spring not work with x?".

Great to hear about the containerization items and I have an interest in the Spring Cloud Kubernetes project and will check things out.

I enjoyed your Webinar the other day with the NFJS crew.

Thanks again.
3 years ago
Spring does a lot of things and it does most of them well (great in my world). In your opinion, where does Spring need attention or where do you foresee a large potential for growth within the framework?
3 years ago
Welcome James! Great book, I have the Kindle version of the book and like what I have read so far.
I bought the book through Amazon on pre-order because I am thinking about taking the exam. I am not sure that certifications are for everyone or every employer, but this book is a great read for ANY Java EE developer who wants to stand out a bit. Basically, I don't think you have to be an aspiring SCEA to purchase this book. This book covers topics that most Java EE developers should understand at a basic level. This book will help you become more of a "big-picture" developer.
If you are looking for more than an intro to Grails book, I recommend The Definitive Guide to Grails 2nd Edition. The grails.org site is pretty informative and there are many blog posts that help explain specific topics like security and 3rd party integration.
14 years ago
I think there may be a couple of paths to look into:

- location? where is it in your app structure? META-INF?
- <class> </class> i think you need your class or package for your persistent entities declared here
- Hibernate; There may be some properties that need to be configured because you are specifically using the Hibernate provider.

Also, just something you may also want to do:
- extract your persistence calls to another class that you call from your Servlet.
- then you can write a unit test on that class to make sure the persistence is working.
Yes, JPA, understood. Just trying to see what Netbeans is generating for your entity and which JPA method you are calling to get the data into the instance of your entity.
What error, if any, are you getting? Can you post the code in which you are doing your select statement?
You should post a message on the forums at SpringSource at http://forum.springsource.org. Find the Spring BlazeDS Integration project and post your request for reference material there. I don't want you to not rely on the well qualified people here, but you should go to the source if you do not get your answer here. Most project leads/committers are pretty quick to respond in my experience.

14 years ago

I have found great success with Grails and Flex. I basically rely on RESTful services, rendering XML, created in my Grails application and I use mx:HTTPService with a result type of "e4x" to handle the XML returned. But you can easily do this with Servlets and you could also use a JSR 311 JAX-RS implementation to achieve similar RESTful services. BlazeDS is nice and it does offer a bit more features, but RESTful XML services will also allow you to change your UI technology if you need to.
14 years ago
I have had a really hard time with Flex because I cannot seem to find a way to externalize properties.

For example, with a Java Web application, I can have a packaged Java Web archive (.war) file built and deployed in a test environment and that binary can be migrated to each SDLC environment up to production and the only thing that has to change in each environment is my .properties file, which can be external to the .war file. So, I can have a compiled Java binary deployed and if a service end-point changes or a JDBC connection string changes, I can just change the .properties file without re-compilation.

How can support this deployment/configuration model with a compiled Flex application? Maybe I am going about it all wrong, maybe I am missing something?

Thanks and good luck with the book!
14 years ago
Can you post your grails-app/conf/DataSource.groovy file?

How are you deploying the application?
14 years ago
I was wondering what you were trying to do. Do you have some more code? I was playing around with:

14 years ago