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Recent posts by Todd Newbold

I have a similar question,
which of these diagrams can implement interfaces
-package diagram
-component diagram
-deployment diagram
I believe as you decompose an OO system x number of concepts develop which represent classes. A practical number of classes should be able to achieve both low coupling and high cohesion. With this train of thought responsibilities would be assigned relatively evenly across classes.
Larmans video helped me understand this alot better
Hi Bill,
I also used the SCJP exam cram.
My question is - are there any browser compatability issues with SOAP?
22 years ago
Hi everyone,
Can soap operate over ssl?
22 years ago
Good tutorial, shows the patterns in uml. Should help with the test also.
Yes you can mark and review questions. Be careful on marking too many questions though, the diagrams take up quite a bit of time.
I also like to review my answers one last time before I click "FINISHED".
Good Luck
Refactoring should be done in small steps. I would create a brand new interface and gradually deprecate the old interface (similar to the way sun is migrating us to use the new collections api).
Great. Congratulations.
What helped you the greatest?
Are there any comments about the whizlabs product from someone who has passed 141?
I purchased whizlabs to pass the SCJP, which I heartedly recommend.
Hopefully the XML whizlabs product is just as excellent a product.
I found info at the ibm web site.
57 questions, 90 minutes, multiple choice, I saw in another post 66% is passing (38 correct), and I believe ibm tests are 175 dollars
Hi everyone,
Regarding test 141
1-how many questions, 2-how many minutes,3-test format,4-whats passing score,5-how much does it cost
Thanks in advance
There is a 2nd edition of the book Applying UML/Patterns by Larman.
I do not think that there is a 2nd edition of the video yet though.
At there is a book/video/web package of Larmans 1st edition of Applying OOAD/UML.
Has anyone purchased?
Remember the 3 main features of 00:
encapsulation - private implementation, public interface
inheritance - is-a relationship
polymorphism - implementation based on type