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ashtemp hshetty

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since Apr 29, 2009
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Recent posts by ashtemp hshetty

im getting ssl handshake exception while connecting to service running behind loadbalancer (https)

i havent got any certificate from service im not sure do we need to use certficate if so how to use it could you please explain
7 years ago
Excellent score. Acttually i have exam this monthend. If you could share the notes really it will be helpful for me. Hope you wont mind to share. you can send me to

11 years ago
I have question with Generic Method. Why we need to declare a type of varibale before return type of the method. i.e
public <T> void makeArrayList(T t).

Whats the Significance of <T> ?
why Comparators cannot be used when searching arrays of primitives? Any specific reason
Why the methodinnerclass modifier can be either abstract or final?
i know it should not be both but my question is why can't it public or other modifiers
can anyone explain me please
Would you please tell us about your preparation
And the References for mock exam.
13 years ago
Im Having scjp1.5 exam in the month of June. I’m Referring K&B ScjP Book. And For Mock Exam Whizlabs, Javabeats, and Devakas Exam Lab kit.
Anyone can please suggest me where to find more Mock Exam.

As the Exam is Near I’m bit scared. i feel its not enough .