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Recent posts by Mark Connell

With the microservice architecture, based on your experience do you find it would work well with high volume processing that comes from batch? When I think of micro services, I imagine a lot of overhead from security between calls and the human process of managing many microservices. Do you cover that in your book ?  
4 years ago
Hi...thanks for doing the post.

2 questions;

1. What would you see is the most common hibernate performance tip not taken advantage of that you think developers should know about?
2. DBA often have conflicts with hibernate queries in oracle databases when tryin to optimize and pin plans due to the hibernate generated hql executed. Any suggestions tips around assisting with DBA tuning developers might not be aware of?

Question: Why should developers consider using Sail.js? What makes it stand out from more mature frameworks accepted in the front-end community like Ember and Angular. Are their any common use cases that Sail.js does better than others? Like validation.

Thank-you in advance for your answer.
Hi Chris....Can you provide some insight from your experience how you would go about transitioning and scaling large database procedures that hit many tables and take a very long time process ? Have you ever had to deal with situations like that in re-engineering legacy? My current view is the long brute force approach for long term gains. Extracting apart the procedure and looking at in memory options like redis or possible table pinning.
Thanks for your reply.

When would you typically do front side caching and cluster off heap caching usage? Look forward to reading your book. Do you go into detail with example in your both those types of caching mechanism's?

1. Do you still see hibernate as the best leading Java Persistence for object relational mapping in terms of performance?
2. Has their been any changes based on your research that developers should think of in term's of performance ? Typically I think caching mechanism such as ehcache or front side caching like redis is still the go to for performance enhancement.
3. Can you explain the difference between the different level's of caching in Hibernate and do you find any other framework's do it better?

You should check out , excellent training site for getting a good base knowledge of android and plenty of other courses. It is a pay course but by no means expensive. If you just want android i think its 35 dollars for the full course package that includes presentation slide for notes, video presentations, labs with sample code you can directly import into eclipse. Great for beginner . For 99 dollars you can get unlimited to all of his courses which is great for advancing your career.
8 years ago
Websphere development environment: Version:

Problem: RAD7 is using its own logging and tracing defined in the "troubleshooting>logs and trace" of the admin console and the is being ignored by the logger.

Problem statements:
1. log4j.1.2.8 is on the classpath of my war module, and set on the j2ee module dependency.
2. is kept in a configuration folder that i hold all my properties files in. I defined this folder in the admin console on the following path classpath;

Application servers > server1 > Process Definition > Java Virtual Machine

I put the path to the configuation folder there under "classpath" just like i did in RAD6.

3. My application uses parent last defined in the application.xml of the EAR file.

It seems like the RAD7 logger has a higher precendence than the log4j logger. I would appreciate any suggestions to help get my LOG4J running in RAD.

Thanks in advance.
12 years ago