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Thank you for correcting me on post. I was in hurry while posting the question, never repeat the mistake again.

Just I wanted to know more details about the Composition. As per my understand, Composite object is made of the components. Or Components doesn't have any value without Composite object.

I would like to know that, Is above example will come under the Composition?.

SCJP 5.0 and SCJP 6.0 by K & B are almost same except few topics. But those topics are really important , for example Navigable Sets and Generics. Ofcourse, Generics are not given in details in these books.
13 years ago
Thank you. I would like to add one more important thing about the exams, that is Mock tests.

When I wrote first time, I didn't write any mock exams. Just I read SCJP 5.0 book by Kathy and practiced back questions. Second time, I didn't want to take chances, I have practiced ExamLab exams. And.... [deleted].

I didn't pass single exam from ExamLap ExamLab, I got maximum of 63% (Old pattern) in Mock exams. But finally, I got 80% in real exam.

However, all these exams really helped me to get good score in SCJP6.0
13 years ago

I have cleared the Sun SCJP 6.0 exam yesterday with 80%. This is my second attempt. In my first attempt, exam pattern was completely different with 72 questions, pass % is 65% . I lost that exam by just one mark.

New pattern, questions are small in size but tricky. I encountered more questions on Interface, Inheritance and Static. I saw almost all topics are covered which are from Navigation to Generics to Threads to Development to Assignments to Operations.

Previous format, Multi-threading questions were horrible, means were very big questions and understanding and selecting answer was taken at least 5 mins.

Useful books are SCJP 6.0 from K&B is very good. This is the best book. Don't forget read comments. And read each and every line, attempt all questions in back of each chapter.
Another book is SCJP6.0 by Khalid.

To understand the Generics, study the Sun documentation, it will really gives the full idea of generics.

13 years ago
Only one object that is C1 eligible for GC.