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I have an requirement of posting a file from a server based in US with my client and I want to make a host to host integration with my client with my server based in india.
So that my client can post the files at any time and the file should get dumpped to my server.
this all process should be done invoking a service.

Right now i have enabled one service on my server which accepts a HTTPS request and it looks for the files in the request as a multipart request.
When ever my client is making a request my server generates a response to it but the file doesnt come to my server.
when i try to read the request and try to get the file names from the request header is giving a null pointer exception.

can any one help me out in this regard.
Its quite urgent for me.

12 years ago
Can any body tell me how to make a multipart part request from java class in the same way we make a multipart request from JSP using <form method="multipart">. So please help to make a multi part request from java class to a servlet to upload a file.
12 years ago
I can see the encrypted data on the www(world wide web).
and I know that in local n/w its wont harm us but its any how coming on live also.
12 years ago
ya its a web app and i m using HTTPS with a valid SSL certificate but still my data can be seen by the paros on the network
and yes the java code could be a servlet or a JSP.

Can some one please help me out in the above mentioned subject.
12 years ago
Hello friends

I want a way to encrypt any given data string with the help of javascript and the output encrypted string should be given as a input to the java code to decrypt the encrypted string to its original form.

Please any one help me with the code.
I will be very thankful to you all.
12 years ago
I am submiting the XML content throught java code against which one response is generated by the server. On submiting the request to the server the status by "client.executeMethod(method)" is 200

When I am using this method I am not getting the respoce from the server as this is returning a blank string "method.getResponseBodyAsString()" .

for your reference I am pastig the code below : -
here dataParameter is containig the XML code in DTD format as a string.