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Hi Asuthosh Borikar
I am trying to deploy war file in weblogic 5.1.
Well i have prepared war file on my local drive here are the steps:
1.Create directory MyApp and subdirectories META-INF & WEB-INF
2.Create subdirectory classes in WEB-INF
3.Put all Jsp,HTML in MyApp directory and Java Bean,Servlets in
4.Create web.xml and weblogic.xml and put it in MyApp/WEB-INF directory.
5.Generate war file using jar -cvf MyApp.war MyApp
6.Put war file in weblogic/myserver directory
7.Update with following path
When i start the weblogic server it giving me the following error
web.xml not found in weblogic/WEB-INF directory.
can you please help me out.

Originally posted by Asuthosh Borikar:
We've done that in our previous project. The .war file included all the JSPs, Servlets, and Utility classes(such as Java Beans), along with HTML pages, and image files. The tests went thru fine and our application now runs using this .war file.
If you are looking for general info. on this topic, please visit
That's what we did, when we started off with the idea to deploy applications as .war files.

22 years ago