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Recent posts by Mark Wa

Is it possible to configure security in the EAR rather than the WAR so that it applies to all wars?

I have managed to set up JAAS for all modules in the ear, but when switching between, I am again prompted for a user/pass.

Is there a config I can create in the EAR DD (or even the geronimo-application.xml) rather than the WAR DD to avoid this problem?

Thanks, Mark.

PS. I am using Geronimo 2.1 (Tomcat)
13 years ago
I am looking into setting up security on one of four modules in an EAR. I have read head first servlets and jsps. I understand most of the stuff, the problem is configuring the roles in geronimo (2.1)

I have been able to set up a security realm from properties files from within the geronimo console. The problem is, when deploying my app, I get the following message:

"web.xml for web app [my appname] includes security elements but Geronimo deployment plan is not provided or does not contain <security-realm-name> element necessary to configure security accordingly."

I have also had a good try at configuring the realm in the geronimo-application.xml, I have also tried setting up a geronimo-web.xml and doing it in that, but im not sure if the geronimo-web.xml is neccessary when the module is enclosed in an ear. Anyway, no matter what I try it still gives me the same message.

If anyone could help, it would be appreciated.
13 years ago
Hi, We've got an ear and some wars all set up, currently on of the wars contains "common" classes used by other modules. I would like to use one of these classes in the web.xml of the other modules, but my server will not publish when i try this.

The reason for this is that I would like to set up a SessionListener to monitor the number of active sessions. As I understand a single sessionListener would suffice for all modules?
13 years ago
I am trying to position a div containing autofil suggestions below an input.

The problem is "position:absolute" does not work as the input position is different according to screen width, and causes the div to not line up with input. "position:relative" does not work as it expands the parent div, I need it to overlay the text below. See below for sample code

<div id="parent div">
<input type="text" name="fred"/>
<div id="autofillSuggestionsPopulatedByJS" style="z-index:10000">
row after row of suggestions
row after row of suggestions
row after row of suggestions
row after row of suggestions
some text

Any help would be appreciated.

I tried pretty much that - mine was a bit different with images in left and right and some text in middle, but same principle. - the problem is this is a custom tag that populates the text dynamicly. I always need the outside div to be say 500px, each image is about 30px, and the text is left aligned between the two images.
I am trying to create the following in IE and FF

[image] text of unspecified length <whitespace> [image]

this is contained within a fixed width div.

float right on the rightmost image works in FF, but in IE it drops onto a new line. Can anyone help create this with CSS?
that was my first thought, but that causes the two divs to overlap when the browser window is smaller than the total size of the two divs
In what order are struts tags / EL/ JSTL / scriplets executed?

It would be a useful reference to help remember which can be inserted into the other.
13 years ago
probably my fault for not asking the question right, sorry. Hopefully I have now.
This doesnt quite solve the problem. It is screen resolution dependant. I need a div that will centre on any screen and then can have another div placed to the right of it.
Any ideas how I can center a div that is say a fixed 500px, then place another that is say always 200px to the right of it? and have them always stay like that when the window is resized (so the user will have to scroll if the window is smaller than 700px).
I have found and have been using jinput. It works well.
13 years ago
Actually, I have found one I am going to take a look at: jinput.
I will let you know the result.

in the mean time, if anyone has any experience of others, please let me know.

Yes I know MS = evil. But there are 3rd party controllers out there
13 years ago
I have just noticed that a tag (which extends tagSupport) persists across all sessions. As this is so I can include a counter to count how many times that tag has been used.

Is there any way to print to the sys out on destruction? such as the the "destroy" method on a servlet?
13 years ago
Has anyone come across an API for programming (java) with the wireless xbox 360 controller (and USB Receiver)? Google's not helping much.
13 years ago