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Recent posts by Yogesh Bali


Can anyone suggest me to enter the certification chamber, one should start with which exam?

OCAJP 7/8 or SCJP 6.

Kindly suggest me the study material as well.

Dear Friends,

I am trying to excute the crystal report by exporting it to excel format using eclipse IDE. The reports viewed perfectly well in other formats, but when i click excel, "java heap space" error message gets displayed.

I tried with increasing the size of tomcat by "-Xms512m -Xmx512m ", remove the report at the end of my function, called clientdoc.close(), in order to solve this error. but its still appearing. please help and provide me the direction. Thanking you.

Yogesh Bali
13 years ago
Dear Friends,

Please help me advising how can i export my rpt file to html format.. thanks a lots..

Yogesh Bali
13 years ago
Thank you so much Christophe Verré, my application is running fine.. all the labels are getting values from messages.properties file... The mistake what i was doing was that i was not including the messages.properties file to the classpath... and now when i added it to the build, its working fine. Thanks and its a great concept to make the application internationalized..
13 years ago

I had made the menu for the application. But what i want is onmouseover of any option, the submenu will get visible and the menu header gets highlighted.

what i did is :

onmouseover event of any option, like here the option is users, i made submenu visible by calling users_onmouseover() funtion of my js.

but i also want to change the background-color of the <th> tag i used, on this onmouseover event. i tried to do it, but not able to do.
please help.

Thanks for reading it and guiding me.

first of all, thanks Christophe for the help. But the job is still not done. What i did is as follows :

Step 1: i first created a xml file with the name applicationContext.xml in the resources folder

Step 2 : i created a file messages.properties in the same resources folder

Step 3 : i included the following jar files in the lib folder :
commons--logging-1.1.1.jar and spring.jar
Step 4 : i did the following changes in the web.xml file :

Step 5 : i made a jsp, included the following two tags in it


And on execution of this application on Eclipse IDE, i receive the following exception

Please help, i am unable to move ahead from this point in my application.
13 years ago

Please guide me from start on how to use the spring message tag.. if i want to use it in my application to make it internationalized.
That would be a great help to me.

Thanks and Regards,
13 years ago
Congrats buddy... keep going more up in life... All the very best in life ahead..
14 years ago
One week before my voucher expiry date 30th june, i advance booked myself in the NIIT Delhi Prometric Center.. They had given me the slot of 30th june 12pm, but given me no receipt or anything for it... Told me to come on 30th and give your exam, and you will face no problem. i was prepared and yesterday reached at the center by 11.30am as per schedule and submitted the documents.. Suddenly the batch of Niit Dharamshala center students appeared at the center for the exam.. They started taking their Niit students first for the exam.. and we around 30-35 students who advance booked for the exam were waiting.. We then went to the director of the institute for complaining this and the director was saying "that batch already booked the center 2 months before.. Dont worry we taking one student from that batch and one from you and so will equally help each other.." We questioned him if you already had reserved the seats 2 months before, why dont you reply us that our seats are full and so we can't register you.. why we were given the same timings and the same day.. The director replied "to wait in the hall, the institute is for you.. we will assure you all the forms that we had taken, we will make those to appear for the exam.. That's our responsibility.." We waited and waited in the hall.. the time was now 3pm.. many of us who had not eaten from the morning were getting little hungry and the tension in our mind was not of pass or fail, it was only of whether we will be able to see the exam or not.. The students from that niit batch and we, both groups voucher were expiring on the 30th june and so we all were tensed.. i around 3.30pm ran toward the near shop to eat something so to make myself fit and energetic during the exam, eaten the food with large bites in hurry and finished the food in 2mins,returned to the center running having the tension that my turn wil not get miss.. The time was running and the students just waiting and waiting.. Frustration starts building in our minds as it was a long wait.. already 6pm and still not get the chance to appear for the exam, and that too when we already book the seats of 12pm slot.. finally they decided to shift those batch students to other nearest prometric center.. and taking us around 20 students left for the exam one by one.. The center head say we are for you, please corporate with us, we will do the overtime and open the center till 10pm and your exam will be sure to be conducted.. Many of us with frustration taken their form back and decided to not to go for the exam now.. as we all were tired both physically and mentally.. And most have to travel a long distance returning to the home.. as their homes are many kms away..
my exam was started by 8pm and it was of scjp6.0...... we 3 students were there giving the exam, they told us at 10pm to end the exam as they have to close the institute by now.. They apologize and i replied it was not your fault, the staff members all over-timed hard worked only for us and make it possible for all us to appeared the exam... it was the worst situation for both the sides, so we all suffered.. and that's all our luck.. i thank the staff, and came out of the center.. Was sad and unhappy but that not means i wil quit watching the dream... i made myself very clear, to forget this and take only the positive side of it in my life..

I was unable to attempt all questions as my mind was stressed.. During the exam the questions i faced were not that tough.. the book i prepared is K&B6.0 .... the book is very well written and the best book for its preparation.. if you are little familiar with java, then do only reading the book at first go, your first round of preparation, which will brush up your concepts and learning new things that you not studied before.. for reading the new concepts or any concept which appears to be uncleared in your mind, best way is not only to read but also to make the programs given in the chapter inside.. This will make the syntax of the new code you learning saved in your mind for long time.. And when you will run the program with those new concepts, you automatically starts loving the language..... Java is wonderful and easy... Then with the second round, read the topic headings and try to memorize what that topic is saying, and if not able to get that..... dont be panic and read it with thoroughly again... This time you have to read the chapters and need to memorize them in your mind to make the concepts well saved in your mind........ The third final go for the book is your revision time and you will find all those lengthy appearing chapters very small...... : )

Instead of making notes from the chapters, mark it in the first round with pencil or pen. In the second round read only those underlined lines and mark the relevant out of them with book marker and in the third round you need to read the line you marked with your book marker, and not with the pen or pencil.

Do right in short length what you had learned after running the program on your doubtful concept, above or near that concept in the book.... This will help you revise the programs too without checking them on the saved file on th pc.. Making notes will only help in theoritical exams, but this is an objective exam, the only thing which help is programming... so do make programs and write notes about what you had learned from those programs about the uncleared doubts...

The bottom line to clear this exam is not learning the book, its only understanding the concepts and that can be made only through the programming.... so do make programs a lots.. not big code programs, only the programs clearing the doubts in your mind for every topic.....

Dont be scared from the K&B6.0 book, if you read it thoroughly, that will become your best friend for preparing the exam... The book plus the mocks, that all only you need to do...
i completed the book, but had not given any mock... Now God have given me the time to practice mocks and prepare myself more better....

And one thing which we all always not do...... Not to schedule your exam on the last date of your voucher expiry.. atleast schedule your exam for a week or 3-4 days before... as this keeps you on the safer side.. Because if any wrong happens on your schedule date, you have the option to come on the next date as your voucher still wil not be expired...

I will also not quit, wil be back again to appear for this exam within a month....... may no one will ever have the worst luck like me....
Thanks for making time to read this.... my purpose is not to scare you, i only want to warn you to not to go for the last date of your voucher expiry.... do not repeat the mistake which i did and have no other options left.... Have the good time.. and all the very best Prepare well
14 years ago

yes its correct the answer is one .... the object created by r1 only is eligible for gc..
3 objects created by r1, r2 and r3.. let for our convenience say the object created by r1 is A, object created by r2 is B and object created by r3 is C..
till line 7, what we have is

object A having only one reference -- r1
object B having 3 references -- r2, r4, and r5
object C having only one reference -- r3.

now by line 8, r2=null, means for object B now we are having 2 references only -- r4 & r5. Also our r2 now contains null, not refering to anything else.

by line 9, r4=r2 implies r4 also containing null, so our object B now having only one reference r5.

by line 10, r1=r5 implies our r1 which is refering to object A is now refering to object B.. because r5 points to object B.

and r1 was the only reference to object A, so no one is pointing to object A by now...
object B is referred by r1 and r5...
object C is referred by r3...

So only 1 object eligible for gc..

Java is Easy.. Enjoy studying it
Have a good time : )
Got your point boss..Thank you so much for the help.. i am happy and my misunderstanding about that exam watch point is now cleared.. and i am agreed with your every single statement sir.. as they were absolutely correct..
assume it to be the expression 2 type.. is correct then..

assert expression2 can return any value.. and used generally with only simple case and not with really simple case..
And assert expression always returns boolean is correct as here we were assuming it to be expression 1..
but if its mention that consider of expression2 then its answer is false a expression 2 can return any value.. Thank you Thank you Thank you sir...
my that exam watch point is now cleared and i had realized how wrong i was going.. will be careful to not to repeat the mistake in further topics.. thank you boss.. : )

Thank you so much For the reply sir.. you are absolutely correct.. but the doubt in my mind is what if i was told in the question that assume it to be the expression 2 type.... and we know for expression 2 anything results to a value is accepted.. and here x=1 having a value 1.. so cant it be correct for the expression 2 type...

also help me is if i find in question that expression 2 statement.. should i think the statement is incorrect and so mark compilation fails for it..? as in the book they were saying to think it as a mistake in the statement..
Assertion can have either one or two expressions depending on whether you're using the "simple" or "the really simple".
The First Expression result in boolean value. And the second expression can be anything that result in a value..

i am confused in this expression 1 and expression 2 concept... also written in the book that if you see in the exam the statement referring to expression 2, That only means the statement would not be correct.... so can i treat that question as compilation fails code..?
Thank you so much Ankit.. i am doing the whizlabs mocks.. and after completing them will start doing the Devaka mock exams....
Hello JavaRanch Family
regarding my preparation, i had read the K&B book thoroughly..
Done the programs based on the examples and exercise work of the book..
please help me guiding what all i do in addition to the K&B book..
my exam is scheduled on 30th june..
Every single advice is going to be a great help for me..
Thanks a lots JAVARANCH Family
Hava a good time.. : )