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Recent posts by vishnu bola

Hello all - I need some help with a web service hosted on Apache Servicemix using Apache CXF in an oSGi envionment (database is postgres) which internally makes a call to another webservice hosted on glassfish and database is oracle.

The issue i am having is when i create a bad shape in the project and run validateProject and validateShape requests separately both of them in soap UI give a validation failure error which is correct. But once i remove the bad shape from the project and save it and run these request again  validatShape gives me riggt response saying " validation passed" but the validateProject request still gives me the old validation message " bad shape". When i run the validateProject request like more than 10 min then somehow the response channges and i get the correct validarion passed response.

Here is a code snippet of web service request code.

Can someone please help me why the validateproject request doesn't get the same response as the validateShape request which is what it calls internally . Only After couple of attempts i am getting the right response.  I can provide any additional information that's needed to be able to help with this issue.

thank you
6 years ago
This issue is related to proguard. Issue got fixed by following instructions in the link
6 years ago
Sorry this is the piece of code where the code throwing error at line 5

Here is the code for getProjectList () method.

As per suggestions on web i added LAX annotation to the list  that gets returned from getprojectLisresponse but still getting the same error.

can you please help me how to resolve this issue.
6 years ago
For some reason this jar doesn't seem to work in my local environment and throws lots of compilation errors. since I don't have enough time to fix all those errors I am looking for a way to update the jar directly since the change I have to have is a minor one but it doesn't seem to work.

6 years ago
Hi -

I have a production jar which is signed and as part of a fix i have to change a class file in that jar and redeploy it. so to achieve this i  first unsign the old signature, make changes to the file and resign it.

So far i have tried  the following steps below
1) unzip the jar in secure Zip
2) delete .SF and .DSA files under META-INF
3) Delete signing checksums from META-INF/MANIFEST.MF: each "Name" and "SHA1-Digest and save the jar
4) updated a class file
5) sign the jar using jarsigner tool

But even after unsigning and once i make any changes to the jar it doesn't seem to work and throws an error "cannot load the jar file "

Can someone please help me how to modify the signed jar issue?

Appreciate your help in advance!
6 years ago
Hello - I am working on a desktop java application which has a jnlp file. When i try to run the application in my local it's throwing this error below. The same application seems to be working fine in my dev environment. Can someone please advise what must be causing this error and how to resolve it.
Thank you for all your help!

6 years ago

Paul - Thank you for your reply. Can you please elaborate more on debugging a plain old java application in eclipse. In my case i want to be able to switch to eclipse and stop at a break point when i enter some input values on a window pane and hit create project in my webstart app. Please advise.

thank you
7 years ago
Can someone help me how to enable debugging in eclipse for my Web Start application running on Java 1.7? So far i executed these commands from my command prompt

Define a new  “Remote Java Applcation’ in Eclipse with port 8000.

After setting up breakpoints in eclipse and launch my JNLP application it doesn't seem to enable debugging.

Can you please advise if i am missing something.

thanks in advance
7 years ago
Hello all - I need some help with java collections. Here is the code snippet. the issue is after second iteration the values from the first iteration in paymentList are overridden with the second . but it doesn't happen on third iteration. Can someone please help what is it i am doing wrong here. Please let me know if something is not clear and i can provide more details. Really appreciate your help in advance.

8 years ago
hi all,

I have a facelets page which calls a backing bean of session scope. Now when ever i click on this page i want the existing bean object to be removed from the session . In my existing jsp i have a logic something like this to remove the object from session

Now i have to refactor my jsp to use facelets and i should not be using scriplets anymore . I did try with JSTL but the <c:remove> tag is not supported by facelets.

Can someone help me how can i refactor this code to work for my facelets?

I really appreciate your help in advance

Thank you
13 years ago
hi all,

Thank you for all your valuable responses. I solved this issue by adding extension filter in my web.xml and it worked like a charm

Thank you once again
13 years ago
Hi all,

I need help in fixing the error below when i add tomahawk1.1.10 to my project which uses JSF 1.2 and facelets and tomcat 6.0.

* Warning: This page calls for XML namespace declared with prefix t but no taglibrary exists for that namespace.

I have this xhtml with whe tomahawk tag added as below

<!DOCTYPE html PUBLIC "-//W3C//DTD XHTML 1.0 Transitional//EN"
<html xmlns=""

please let me know if i need to add any other jars to make tomahawk work or any other thing which iam missing.

Thank you for your help in advance
13 years ago
Hi all,

I need your valuable advice for my problem.

I took scjp5 before last year and failed . I was very new to java at that time. Then i got into a job 6 mths back as junior programmer.I have K&B book for scjp5 which i bought when i took the exam for the first time. I bought a voucher again which will expire on June 30th,2010. I started my prepartion since a week and i hardly get time to read because of my project deadlines.

Today when i want to book my exam date i had lot of questions in my mind...
First of all i was not sure if i can take scjp6 reading my scjp5 book? Also not sure how many questions i can expect in the new topics(,Console,Set) that were added in scjp6?

Not sure if i need to finish reading the book completely before jumping on mock tests?

Not sure if my two months preparation (reading 1 hr a day) would be enough to crack scjp6 or atleast scjp5 ??

Can someone please advise which exam (5 or 6) would be ideal for me to take in my current situation?

I really apprecaite your valuable thoughts.

Thanks in advance for all your responses.

I just realised that in my catch clause i have Error instead of Exception. If i change it to Exception the code compiled fine.

Sorry for the confusion.


I have a quick question regarding exception .As i read the rule says "Each method must either handle the exception or declare it to be thrown"

But when i run the code i get a compilation error saying "Unhandled exception"

can someone help me understand why this code says "unhandled exception" even though i caught it . If i add the throws clause to doStuff() declaration the compilation error is gone. I got confused whether it is Declare and Catch (OR) "Declare or Catch" rule. please advise