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Recent posts by alexandre nofre

Hey all,

I have a desktop app that manages user and projects, each login make a Stateful SB to manage the conection, it's workin fine, BUT I need to view ALL connections from all users in a separated thread, (cus that is an administrator app).

Ok, thats the scenario, Is there any way to a Stateless SB find all that Statefull SB runnin on server? If there is, how can I do that?

Thanks in advance
Hey all,

How can I verify if server is down from a desktop client? I tried doing a try-catch lookup to a Stateless SB, but it crashes and doesnt catch the exception:

// do lookup
} catch (Throwable t){
// report error

if glassfish is down, the catch doesn't work, Is there a other way to do that?

Thanks in advance
Im wondering why I map with cascade.all and when I open the table in mysql administrator it show cascade type as restrict
Hi all

Im having a strange issue, whatever map I try to use cascade=CascadeType.ALL and use ddl-generation gives me a Restrict type in the table

already happened to someone that?

im using netbeans, glassfish v2, mysql 5 and toplink.ddl-generation to do that map

thanks in advance
sudha: I know that, my problem is that the toplink.ddl-generation creates a table with a TINYINT type instead my field type boolean, capiche?

I treat that field in my java code giving values true or false, and its persisted in table as 1 or 0. Everything works, but I still have to add and check operation in mysql to avoid direct insertion (I mean directly in mysql administrator for example)

no, it doesn't give an error...

the problem is that in MySQL administrator I open the table and it is TINYINT(1), therefore I can put values like -1, 3, and so on
I just want to put true or false.. thats the problem, the direct acess, not the mapping, I want a BOOLEAN column


I'm using Netbeans, Glassfish V2 and MySQL 5 and the boolean map doesn't work

either if it's Boolean or boolean, always map to a TINYINT(1), I know that MySQL have a BOOLEAN type, how can I do that?