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Recent posts by Sneha Kapoor

At the point that line 12 is reached, how many objects are eligible for garbage collection?

I thought that 2 objects are eligble but answer is 1

Source : Apress SCJP Book
Hi All

why the second one is not working
Is difficulty level of exam is more than whizlabs.

As of now i am getting 52% on whizlabs..but my coupon is expiring next week. :-(

I have finish reading k&b once accept some topics..any tips

Please read instuctions on back of the voucher which say's we have to use one day prior to the date printed on voucher.

Sorry mate your voucher was expired.
Hi All

I have purchased K&B book ;but in the cd there are only two test;in both of them most of questions are repeated.

how they become 282 questions??as written on the cover page of book
thanks got it so if i do below things so i will get i = 1


the variable i still has the value of 0 since i++ leads to 0.

how come i = i++ leads to 0

why the i output as 0..when it will print as 1
Thanks Madhu that was wonderful way of expalaining
If in class A i declare one method go; which is static but in sub class i dnt declare same method which is not static. if i invoke non-static method using instance of sublcass will i get compilation error
Can any one tell me about "when objects are returned from a method they are not eligible for GC." so does this mean when C3 = CB = null ...C3 is not eligible for GC

and we are saying only one object elgible for GC