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Thank you for reading my post and your suggestions are welcomed.

My requirement:

Using ikeyman i need to generate Open PGP private-public key pair, but when i try to generate the key by adding the Bouncy Castle provoder in file, it is not making any sense, i mean even though after adding BC provider, i dont find keys generated were specific to pgp.

can some one help me how to generate PGP key pair from ikeyman.(Any configuration files need to be updaated with BC provider? if so please share your knowledge)

I can use Gnu PG for generating the PGP specific key pair, but again my requirement is i need to store my keys in JKS(Java Key Store) as a password protected way, so by using ikeyman i can acheive the keys storage in JKS, so i am going for ikeyman.

Do we have any other alternative to my requirement, your opinions/suggestions are welcomed.

For your Information:
I have tried the option of like creating a JAva Key Store and then importing the PGP private key created by Gnu PG, but i am not able to load the key into JKS the format is not getting supported.
Any suggestions on this way of implementation are also welcomed.

thanking you,

Harish Ponduri.
12 years ago
Hi Greg Stark,

thank you for your reply,

Any idea in using ikeyman utility for storing my private keys.

could you please share your knowledge on ikeyman if any.
12 years ago
Hi Greg stark

thank you very much for your valuable reply.

So, could you please suggest me or give any idea on my requirement.

My Requirement:

I got a PGP-private key by which i am able to decrypt my encrypted files, and do all the stuff.

so now in my current implementation i am using keystore object to load and by which i am decrypting some data (it is different from my above bouncy castle implementation)

so my requirement is can i even load my PGP Private key in the keystore, so that i will retrieve them on individual alias name and use for their purpose.

can this be implemented, or do we have any other way of loading my PGP private key to KeyStore(NOT to JAVA keystore some other related to bouncy, if it exists).

thank you,

12 years ago
Hi Everyone,

I am trying to load the keystore with the private key and password, but i am facing an exception.
Here the exception is : Wrong version of key store.
at org.bouncycastle.jce.provider.JDKKeyStore.engineLoad(Unknown Source)
at XML.Decryptor.keystoreTest(
at XML.Decryptor.main(

my Code is :

String passPhrase="password";
FileInputStream privKey = null;
privKey = new FileInputStream("C:/TEMP/secring.asc");
KeyStore ks = KeyStore.getInstance("BKS");
ks.load(privKey, passPhrase.toCharArray());

here privKey is the Private key generated using open pgp boouncy castle encryption, and i want to store this in the keystore of BKS.

Cansomeone please help me, I am not able to understand how to proceed, even googling doesnt helped me.
Correct me in the above way of doing if my approach is wrong.

thank you in advance.

Harish Ponduri.
12 years ago

I have a requirement where I need to invoke two methods with one scheduler!

In normal scenarios we will give the mapping for one method invocation in Spring Quartz is as fallows:where SalesReportService is my bean in which I have method generateReport which will be invoked on my job run.

So now I want to invoke two methods: after finishing the first one, the second method should get invoked.

Is this possible? If so, please guide me through that process.

Thank you very much in advance.

12 years ago
Hi everyone,

Can any one say me the link/book/pdf/tutorial to start up with Hibernate.

HI everyone,

I have got problem in accessing my MS-2007 files accessing issue.

let me explain you the scenerio where exactly it is.

we have got a mail server from which we read all the mails with attachments, and create a corresponding request in our database oracle.
when a mail with a MS-2007 attachment comes in then a request corresponding to that is created but the attachment is getting corrupted, when i try to open the attachment in a notepad word format then a exception was appended to the attachment.

can some one guide me what is the chance if that to hapen, all ms-2003 files are working fine, this is only for MS-2007 files the problem is.
I have checked for closing of all the outputstreams wherever I used.

12 years ago
HI every one,

I am trying to update an event in a database, and when i try to update the details of event its working fine but when i try to update the event itself then a new row is getting inserted instead of getting updated.

so if anyone can suggest it will be helpfull.

can i use getHibernateTemplate.update()object instead of the above metioned will that work fine.

I am really new to this hibernate and if anyone can suggest me with any good tutorial to work with all hibernate related manipilations.

thank you very much in advance.

Hello Sandeep,

Thank you for your valuable reply.

can you just brief me what is this jaxp and where can i get information on this jaxp
any tutorial for it or any pdf you have?
can you please share some document related to jaxp.

thanking you.
12 years ago
Hi Sandeep,
Thank you for your reply

my problem is i got a activity to be run and in which it takes all the mails in my box and put it in database ok...
now there might be chances like people can put the html email, so previously i was just concatinating all the Multipart data in my body and concatinating to string and posting in database.

But in some html cases all the data like html tags are also getting concatinated and saved in db.

so now i just want to remove all the html tags and save only the actual content/information of that...

thanking you,
12 years ago
I need to convert a String which has a HTML file but i need to convert that into normal text by removing all html related tags.

I got a html file and from one of my java class is reading that entire HTML page and converting it to a single string and now i want all that HTML tags to be removed from that string..

thank you very much in advance.. Hari
12 years ago
Hi guys,

I have a problem with my JSP page loading. let me explain it briefly my senario.

My application is an life insurance application, in which i have a policy page where we have to take the details of the policy.

so, my policy page contains policy holder , spouse and childrens(two) all these come in one policy if the policy taker is intrested.
The problem is i am loading all the data collectors for the above four on page load and hiding the spouse and childrens(two) and onclick of particular check boxes i am enabling them.

so, how can we make some part of JSp load and onclick of some thing some other part ned to load instead of everything loading and hiding them.

my performance is very slow now.. please help me outttttttt

Harish Kumar Ponduri.
13 years ago
How to use a JRuleEngine? I have nill knowledge on this can anyone help me out.

I want to use a rule engine in my j2EE application, so which is the best one and how to use..

thank you,

Harish Kumar Ponduri.
Hello Mr. Khatri,

You want the 'owner' value which you have been entering in that servlet and you want to populate in the same servlet is it soo. or in the next servlet as you mentioned 'analyzeDocBase'.

Because you are retrieving by request.getParameter("owner") so you can access in analyzeDocBase servlet because on submit it is going to that given servlet.

One more thing you need to check is<input type="text" name="owner" value='"+omc.ansprech+"' > try with this.
13 years ago
Hi Jason,

Thank you, I got that.

But really thank you because of the link provided by you i got that.

My first query in code ranch is this and its nice that it got cleared.