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Recent posts by Lynn Haley

i tried both by double-clicking it, and also at the command prompt.

Yeah, frustrating!
13 years ago
Boy that sure is a general topic I posted.

My study group is getting together today, and I am trying to understand
what considerations will need to be made in a distributed web environment.

From a high level understanding, what is the interaction between Connections, Transactions,
Locks and Threads?

We saw that Struts 1 is not thread safe and we need to use a Singleton, but what if we consider
a clustered environment? Our heads are spinning to understand how we need to approach this to
ensure safety.

It seems that Struts2 is threadsafe.

great example, thank you!

Are you writing all the code yourself, or using a framework?

Im trying to see how this might fit in with Struts or Spring MVC.


13 years ago
Thank you!

It appears if I want to support multiple View types, JSP, XML, PDF, then splitting the Front Controller into
two pieces:

- The controller for handling all requests in the system.


- A dispatcher is responsible for view management and navigation

What is a best practice for knowing when the dispatcher should be part of the controller, and when they should be separated?

If I am always working with JSPs should I just have one object?

What if I get a ton of requests, should I have multiple controllers?

Thanks for your thoughts!

13 years ago
Can someone please explain to me the best practices of using the Front Controller pattern?

Should I be using these one per use case?
I have seen some applications where this is the only point of entry and it is quite large.

Maybe the Servlet should be calling a separate object, rather than acting as control?
I am learning Struts and I see that you put a lot into one class.
Does this not grow to be too big?

13 years ago
Hi Vijitha,

As I wrote above (I know super long post now) I put JAVA_HOME in as an env variable, pointing to my SDK, and when I tried to use jboss's run.bat - nothing happened. Removing JAVA_HOME made it work again.

I am so frustrated. I'm not an idiot, and I am not lazy, but so far my efforts in searching for a good how-to / troubleshooting guide in setting up my environment have been fruitless.

Any help is appreciated.

13 years ago

Was able to find some reference to changing this in the jar file.

I changed it here:

Less, errors, feeling less stressed.
Is anyone ever able to get this going straight from the download?

13 years ago
Thank you, Henry.

I was able to use netstat and see there are other services on :8080.
Not sure what these are, or how to troubleshoot that, so I would like to now change JBoss to use another port.

Are there any guides that have been put together on how to troubleshoot this stuff?
Im usually pretty good at finding the answers through Google, but so far, have only advanced my
cause through the forum, and thankful for it!

The original subject is still the same: Setting up JBoss, IntelliJ, and Java EE

It seems the last thing will be to get JBoss to launch without errors, and I will be able
to breathe a sigh of relief.


13 years ago
Here is the output, containing error messages related to not being able to bind - address in use.
(again, when i try to use JAVA_HOME, the run.bat seemingly fails to do anything)

13 years ago
OKAY - so as the subject stated, I was trying to get help with setting up JBOSS, IntelliJ and Java EE.

I have now been able to compile a sample application in IntelliJ - woot!

But now, I am stuck with launching JBoss from run.bat.

THE FIX for IntelliJ sample class being able to compile

The issue had been the file I was given pointed to a directory of
JBoss for jars that do not exist in the most recent version of JBoss.


needed to be: now my attempts at launchign JBoss from the command line

I think my issue is that JBoss and what I downloaded from Sun for Java EE 5 are not playing well together.

I am attempting to start JBoss by running c:\jboss\bin\run.bat

It shows:

JAVA_HOME is not set. Unexpected results may occur.
Set JAVA_HOME to the directory of your local JDK to avoid this message.

JBoss Bootstrap Environment

JBOSS_HOME: c:\jboss

JAVA: java

JAVA_OPTS: -Xms128m -Xmx512m -XX:MaxPermSize=256m -Dsun.rmi.dgc.client.gcIn
terval=3600000 -Dsun.rmi.dgc.server.gcInterval=3600000

CLASSPATH: ;c:\jboss\bin\run.jar

I dont understand why the CLASSPATH is not the same as what I have set in the environment variable.

I tried adding JAVA_HOME to point to c:\sun\jdk6u10
but then trying to use run.bat - nothing seems to happen, and I am just returned to the command prompt.

I dont want to be a bother to this list, or to Vijitha Kumara, who has provided much help, but I am not sure how to make this work at this time. I have tried Googling for how to setup JBoss to work when you use run.bat - with no apparent help.

Now, I would like to have a deeper understanding of how this all fits together. I believe I had to download the JEE 5 so that I can compile source which will be using JEE APIs and that JBOSS itself has already been compiled and I am just using it to support the servlet calls, etc that I am trying to make with my sample classes.

Please correct me if I am wrong, and if its just a matter of looking at a helpful website, kindly point me to it.


13 years ago
I'm sorry for being so dense, but I think you have me on the right track!!!

The classroom files I was given have a file which
is looking for jars in my jboss directory that dont exist.

Not sure if it is a version issue as I just downloaded the latest JBOSS last week.
I cannot find a javax.servlet.jar anywhere. I did find a jboss-javaee.jar
which I will try.

So, I guess I did not need to download Java EE 5, if I have already downloaded JBoss?

Thanks again! Hoping this works!


13 years ago
I must have misread a previous post, my %PATH% and %CLASSPATH% both point to

Yes, the errors are during compilation.

I cannot find the jsp-api.jar that you specified.

I added C:\Sun\SDK\lib;C:\sun\jdk6u10\lib; to my %PATH% - hoping it would pick up what it needed from
the jars there, but no luck.

C:\Sun\SDK is what I downloaded for Java EE 5. Shouldn't it contain everything that I need?
I had to provide the directory of C:\sun\jdk6u10\lib for it to allow me to run the executable to setup Java EE 5, so I thought I was on the right path.

Sorry, pun intended.


13 years ago
Thanks for the responses.

To clarify, I am running through an exercise from a class in which I have to use IntelliJ.
I am trying to setup the examples on my laptop running Vista.

Personally - I prefer Eclipse. Yeah, market share leader!

The example deals with the presentation tier, and involves using tags.
The import statements are:

import javax.servlet.jsp.JspException;
import javax.servlet.jsp.tagext.TagSupport;

Which are not being found. None of the EE items are being found.

I have modifed the classpath so that it has:


Am I missing something super easy?

I tried with the settings button on IntelliJ to see what it is pointing to, but
I dont see anything intuitive that just indicates where it is using the variables I am setting,
or any place else I might need to set them.

Any help is DEEPLY appreciated.


13 years ago
Okay, maybe I should have asked for help first.
Im really confused.

I want to run code examples in IntelliJ.
All has been okay so far, but now that I am runnign code that uses Java EE, I have problems.
Cant find javax.servlet.jsp, for example.

I have downloaded JBoss, and the build.xml is referencing jars in JBoss, that I think should be including
the servlet info?

I ran this portion of the build.xml in Ant:

<target name="prepare">
<mkdir dir="${build.dir}"/>
<mkdir dir="${web.root}/WEB-INF/classes"/>

<path id="project.classpath">
<fileset dir="${lib.dir}">
<include name="**/*.jar"/>
<include name="*.jar"/>
<fileset file="${servlet.jar}"/>
<fileset file="${jsp.jar}"/>
<fileset file="${j2ee.jar}"/>
<fileset file="${jboss.client.jar}"/>
<pathelement path="${build.dir}/classes"/>

Im so confused. I downloaded Java EE 5 - and put into the path as well.

Im running Vista. Not sure if this is the problem?

Im going to try rebooting, but if I can echo the %PATH% - IntelliJ should see it when I close/re-open? Ugh.

Still no luck.

13 years ago
i got it to work.

i swear i had tried this the first time, but pointing it to
c:\sun\jdk6u10\jdk worked.

13 years ago