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Recent posts by George Goubak

One more question regarding to my hunt for a Java job:
Do you believe that if I get some Java Certifications it will be easier to land a job without any working experience or only the experience matters?

Soumil Shah wrote:It depends on your choice....
And as per your quote...

George Goubak wrote:PS: I'm 26 years old and I believe that I can become an excelent Java developer (if I manage to find a job )

I would suggest you should stick with java...

I want to stick with Java but soon I'll have to eat somehow! I'm running out of money!

Gursel Koca wrote:unfortunately, uk it job market is one of the worst in world. I do suggest try your chance in another country..

I do not agree to tell you the truth (for the it job market at general), but in which country do you propose to search?
13 years ago
Hello all,

Three weeks ago I finished my MSc and started the search for a job in the UK (I'm foreigner). Although I have very good knowledge (and two years of working experience in another country) of PHP, JavaScript (Core JavaScript, AJAX, jQuery), XML, HTML, CSS and SQL I decided to try the Java way!

I have some knowledge of Java (Core Java, Servlets, JDBC) from my BSc and MSc projects and dissertations, but since I have no working experience I'm searching for a Junior Java Developer position. The problem is that I cannot find any Junior Java Developer positions in the North-West! Not even one! There are only a limited number of opportunities in London, but nowhere else..

Since I need working experience to advance my knowledge in Java, what do you believe I should do? Relocate to London (even if it's not sure that I can find a Junior position even there), relocate to another country, or try to advance from Java to .Net (I'm a quick learner)? It's very frustrating that I find so many Junior .Net Developer positions everywhere.. The only thing that keeps me from relocating to London is that I believe I will struggle to live in London with the salary of a Junior Developer..

Thanks in advance for any advice!

PS: I'm 26 years old and I believe that I can become an excelent Java developer (if I manage to find a job )
13 years ago

Charles Lyons wrote:We hear a lot of feedback from readers who have bought both books who say HFSJ provides a great introduction to SCWCD topics and gets them enthused about the platform's possibilities, and that my book then solidifies the details and enhances their knowledge. It's certainly true that you go "beyond the basics" in my book and the no-nonsense approach means we get all the details of how things work clear from the start. It also provides over 300 more (and challenging) test questions, plus another mock exam - so even if you never read all the book, it has lots of extra exam practise for you. We also regularly hear that my book makes a great reference book due to it's no-nonsense approach.

You can find more links about the content of the book (sample chapter, table of contents, other reviews) in my post in the stick thread.

So the answer is that i could use both of them. I'll start reading HFS&J that i already own and if i decide that i'll have the exams i'll give yours a try too.

PS: If by "no-nonsense" approach you imply an approach opposite of the way the Head First books are written, i don't know about HFS&J (i already said that i haven't started reading it yet) but i've read half of the Head First Design Patterns book (which is written the same way as far as i know) six months ago and every single example of the design patterns discussed there is still stuck in my head! My oppinion is that at last someone found a way to write computing books in a very interesting way!
Hello Charles and all,

i recently bought the "Head First Servlets & JSP: Passing the Sun Certified Web Component Developer Exam" book. I haven't started reading it yet, but a lot of people's oppinion is that it is a great book and a good preparation of the exam. What are your book's advantages over the Head First one? Maybe both of them are needed?

Hello Peter and all,

I have a good knowledge of php, AJAX and Java Servlets. Is there a good reason that i should learn Ruby too to replace one of them, the php for example? If there is, why not try Python (i think even Google uses it) instead of Ruby?

Thank you very much.
13 years ago

Campbell Ritchie wrote:

George Goubak wrote:I haven't ordered before from Does anyone knows aproximately in how many days an order is delivered to the UK?

If they actually deliver to UK, about a week.

They probably do, but i found it in other UK bookstores too so i can buy it from here

arulk pillai wrote:I would tend to have a summary of accomplishments/achievements in the first page.

Thanks for your comments. About the summary of achievements, you mean something in a paragraph form like a statement?
13 years ago

John de Michele wrote:George:

There is a very helpful book called 'Acing the IT Resume', which I found to be very useful when I reworked my resume. I highly recommend it. doesn't seem to have it, but does.


Thanks for your answer.

I only found a book called 'ACE the IT Resume'. One in and one in Is this the one that you're talking about?

I haven't ordered before from Does anyone knows aproximately in how many days an order is delivered to the UK?
13 years ago
Hello all,

while reading a lot of threads discussing the CV preparation subject i read some oppinions saying that you have to prepare your CV based on the country that you are trying to get a job into.

I'm thinking of structuring my CV like this:

- Personal Information (contact details etc)
- Programming Skills (what i know to do, e.g. Java, Php etc)
- Previous Work Experience
- Previous Projects (apart from my work experience)
- University Degrees

Anything else i should include or i should pay attention to, especially for the UK Job Market? Also, I don't know if it matters, but I'm not English.

Any help (even to re-arrange the structure) is more than welcome.

Thank you very much for your time.
13 years ago
71 British Pounds (almost 118USD) including heating..
13 years ago

Jeanne Boyarsky wrote:I wouldn't do this as it would prevent you from searching by subject.

Rather I would create another table called subject_article_relationship (or the like.) It would just contain an article_id and subject. That way you can represent multiple subjects in tabular form.

I was going to search by subject using the "LIKE" operator but your way is better so i'm gonna go with it.

Thank you very much!
I have a set of objects that hold information about articles, for example the article's title, its author and its subject(s). The subjects are String values stored in an ArrayList. The number of subjects is different for almost every article. I want to store the values of those objects in a database (currently i use MySQL) so i can search in them. After a search, the returned values are going to be recreated into an object so i can use it the way i want.

So, i thought something like this:

Articles table
- Title
- Author
- Subject

In the subject column, if there are more than one subjects i will generate the string that will be stored, using comma separation like "Java, Databases, Programming" so upon retrieval i will generate again the ArrayList. Do you think this is the correct solution? Do you have any other suggestions?

Thank you

PS: This is just a small example of the actual table so don't mind about primary keys, IDs, etc.
@Henry: Done ;)
13 years ago
Hello all,

I'm building a web app that needs to generate search results (for example paper titles linked to their source) from academic libraries (like IEEE, ACM Digital Library, etc). The problem is that i can't find their APIs that i can use to search whithin them. Anyone knows if such APIs exist or i'm searching in vain?

Although i'm building the app in Java i wasn't sure if the question suits one of the other forums, so i posted it here. I'm sorry if it doesn't really belong in this forum.

Thank you very much for your time.
13 years ago