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Jim Clarke

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since Jun 15, 2009
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Principal technologist with Sun Microsystems, has spent twelve years developing with the Java platform. He has worked with JavaFX for more than two years and served on the JavaFX compiler team.
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Recent posts by Jim Clarke

You can run with disconnected webstart however, you would have to create your own version of the javafx() javascript function defined in, along with any resources, to point to your local files.
14 years ago
If all you want to do is JavaFX programming it is not necessary to know any other technology. Though it is useful to know Java.
14 years ago
This is a bug, (JFXC-3979). You cannot override a public-init variable. I don't know when it will be fixed, but the work around is to initialize the variables in the object Literal for the sub-class.

MyKeyValue {
interpolate: Interpolater.EASE_BOTH
14 years ago
You only need to be connected if you are using Java Web Start, and even then it is only the first time you download the application. After that, Java WebStart caches all the necessary Jar files.

If you run as a standalone app, all you need is a JRE and the JavaFX SDK.
14 years ago
It's not possible to include CustomNode (abstract class) into a Mixin.
14 years ago
Check out our book, "JavaFX - Developing Rich Internet Applications". Also check out for tutorials, docs, etc.
14 years ago
I am not sure exactly what you are trying to do, but perhaps Stack will help you.
By default, the nodes are centered.

14 years ago
It's not a matter of not wanting to do it. It was a matter of time. Look for it in a future release.
14 years ago
That was my point, you can use Graphic, but the underlying border will still be shown.

The 2 options are: use CustomNode as I had shown, or use Button but write your own Skin.

Each Control has a


variable and a Skin implements


. Each skin
in turn has a





So you could write you own skin.
Then, create the Button as:

Both options would be about the same amount of work, but the skin option
is a better design option.

15 years ago
All you need to do is create a JNLP file, then modify the HTML page to add in some JavaScript to invoke the application. Lastly, deploy.
There are no code changes that are required.

Optionally, if you want the Applet to be able to be dragged off the browser, then you need to
add the AppletStageExtension to your stage.
15 years ago
The Button control has a skin based on what is called the Caspian theme. To remove the boundaries you could write your own skin, but that would probably be more work that what you are already doing.
15 years ago
First, you might want to look at the javafx.scene.control.Button class, however if you want to make the same view that you saw on the iPhone, something like this might work for you. You could also replace Text in the example with javafx.scene.control.Label. Label will confine the text to a maximum width to stay within the overall bounds of the button.

15 years ago
Darn, I guess I will have to stop tearing it off from my OpenSolaris laptop

The tear off feature is supported in JDK 1.6 update 10+.
The only platform that did not support this was Apple, however,
this past Monday, Apple released an new version of Java that is JDK 1.6 update 13 compatible,
so the tear off should work on Windows, Mac, Linux, and Solaris.
15 years ago
I doubt that we will cover JFXtras separately. However, I am an active contributor to the JFXtras project.

15 years ago
We did not cover mobile specifically in this edition, but plan a Chapter to cover mobile and another for TV in the next edition.
The good news, is the exact same code that you use for Desktop can also be used on mobile, but stick with the common profile classes.

You can run the JavaFX application in an emulator with NetBeans for JavaFX on Windows.
15 years ago