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Recent posts by Nitin Singh Sodha

Hey Vishal,

There is no Head first series book in market on EJB 3.0 (SCBCD 5.0)

I would suggest read whole book but if you want to skip something then read 1 to 12 and 15 chapter complete and then read 13.1,14.1. But don't forget to read spacs or Mikalai`s study guide.

All the best!!!
EJB 3 in Action and EJB Specs combination is the best option but if you feel specs are lengthy then you can go for Mikalai Zaikin's Guide.
Thanks a lot buddy...
14 years ago
Finally i touch the magic number 100... last time i missed by one but not this time...

and this is how i got the magic number...

EJB 3 in Action
Mikalai Zaikin`s "SCBCD 5.0 Study guide" (Awesome... it helps me alot... thanks Milkalai )
Enthuware EJBPlus V5 Simulator

I`ve started preparation for this exam exactly two months ago, I don't have any earlier knowledge or experience with EJB 3 and there is no head first series book on this . I`ve spent plenty of time searching topics in this forum to find out which is better - and finally i convinced to go with "Ejb 3 in Action". Even though this book is kind of introductory book, but for me it work well.It helps me alot to understand all EJB concepts so i can dive into them without confusion. As per me this is a good book for people (like me) new to the EJB 3.0, it may not be enough for the exam, but gives good understanding of things.

So, even after reading EJB 3 in Action i feel something is missing for the exam and this missing thing was Mikalai Zaikin`s "SCBCD 5.0 Study guide" . This guide perfectly fill the missing part of my preparation. I feel this guide is point to point and i would prefer - read this when you are done with EJB 3 in Action. I used this guide to revise my all concepts and it help me to memorizing them. After reading Mikalai`s guide I`ve tried Enthuware tests. The style of questions are very similar with real exam. I feel its little tough then the real exam. But it's good to try before exam. finally i would say if you are pretty clear with the small and basic things you will score well.

14 years ago
Yeppy.... i cleared my SCWCD 5.0 with 98% ...

And all credit goes to Head First Servlet & JSP (Amazing book), I read this book twice before exam and solve questions from this book as well as Hanumant Deshmukh and free mock exams.

That's all...about SCWCD 5.0... Exam is not tough, If you read HFSJ book then i guess you will not get any surprises in Exam ...
14 years ago