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Recent posts by Tanya Shetty

Hello Hello!

I have cleared the SCJP with 81% . I would like to take a special mention of the "Exam Lab" by Devaka.. They were extremely helpful! Especially since I was on a time limit .. and I had not enough time to practice various mock tests so, I targeted to clear the Exam Lab. Which I did. And now I have cleared the actual exam too!! yippee..

I would also like to thank each of those who have patiently and promptly answered my questions. This place is great to be and I am coming back for sure!

But, for now.. Adios and Good Luck to all test takers!

13 years ago
Thanks Ankit! Extremely nervous though .. Phew!
I forgot to mention earlier "Thank you Devaka! For such a fantastic software"!

I am appearing "the long due" SCJP exam on Monday. I would like to know of any useful strategies, ranchers have used to fully utilize these two days..

Some background..
I have given all ExamLAB mocks.. Here are the scores after first attempt..

Diagnostic - 54%
EL Final - 66%

I have yet to give the Master EXAMLAB... 2 mock tests... Is there any need to give any further mocks at this stage???

It is useful to go through the entire K&B book,(highlighted points in each chapter) or just 2 min drills and my notes is good enough ? Should I focus more on giving mocks yet ?

Are there any sections which I need to focus more.. during this stage ?

Any tips on "dealing with time taking areas" like API, Thread, Formatting ...

It indeed takes a long time to revisit every objective (considering the zillion thing to keep in mind)... I would indeed appreciate if you can share your experiences.. Thank you "so much"!


I have been scoring terribly on the Objective Fundamentals and Declaration and Access Control section.. I would really appreciate if there is any material known useful during the last few days before the exam to increase score in these sections..

I have been following K&B for my preparation.. which I have gone through already for these sections...after the terrible scores on mocks!

Oh..This was certainly a tricky one! Thanks a lot Jeanne.. This one for sure goes down in my little notes

Output :
class java.lang.Integer

I am finding it hard to gain any logical explanation for the output to this question...

At runtime, thanks to type erasure, the <String> and <Integer> type is lost.. What I do not decipher.. is how the call Test11(1).get(); is completed at runtime since, "1" is an int which is eventually used to call a constructor Test11(String m) ???

And why does the compiler NOT stop by providing error for instantiating a Test11<String> with Test11<Integer> since both dont even fall in the same inheritance treee ???

Thanks for the effort!

source : Ethuware

Question : Interface I1 does not extend Interface I2, and also the vice versa is not true.. so when I give the compiler the following line of code,

I1 i1 = null; I2 i2 = (I2) i1; // it compiles fine.

Why does the compiler allow this assignment I2 i2 = (I2)i1; when there is clearly no inheritance between them ??

Thank you for each one of the replies.. Will definitely try and go for all of the tests on "EL" as time permits..

I read about Ethuware on some of the earlier posts on Java ranch on such a similar question.. the post basically suggested to try Ethuware before EL so the exam taker come at par with the difficulty level on EL... Any suggestions on this whether how effective this can be?

I basically have chalked down my options to EL, JavaChamp Mocks, K&B, and Iquisition as suggested by Ankit.. I hope this should do it (?)

Thnx once again!

I am preparing for the SCJP exam.. I have read the "fabulous K and B book" 2 times and done the 2 min drill questions too... I want to jump start into the "test taking phase". I am bound by a time constraint (exam in 2 weeks ) therefore I would appreciate some advice and suggestions to "get the maximum in about 2 weeks time" ..

I have taken a look at the Mock Exam Lists (and a few related posts with ppl who have already passed the exam) and have shortlisted some like Exam Lab by Devaka , Master exam by K and B ...

I would really appreciate if someone could guide me on how to proceed from now on.. I am a bit nervous because the time constraint and as I am working too.. and do not want to digress away giving mock tests..


I referred to this post and then had a look at SCJP 6 book by Kathy sierra and bates, Pg 668 it says,

From outside the outer class instance code (including the static method from within the outer class), the inner class must now be referred to as


However,it seems that referring the inner class from the static method of the outer class, one can refer the inner class type reference variable as simply .. Myinner
Hi Mohan,

Could you please share your study methods while preparing in such a short period of time ? did you have a prior programming experience in JAVA ? Which mocks did you choose to give before the final exam, any useful links etc ???

Thanks !!!


14 years ago
Hey Thanks!! I really appreciate the spontaneous help!! And now I figured it out.. The idea of Object class and casting completely slipped from my mind

What Method local inner classes CAN and CANNOT DO section -->

Method local inner classes cannot access local variables of that method. .... ....., even after the method completes, the inner class object created within it might still be alive on the heap if a reference to it was passed into some other code which stores it in an instance variable...

I have tried declaring an instance variable of the type of method local inner class, but outside the method. It gives a compile error

Clearly, you cannot access even the type of the method local inner class outside the method in which it is declared. In the quotes it is mentioned, what if the object which is created inside the method , gets its reference passed outside the method, how is that possible when we cannot access the type of this method outside the method itself.

This means, once the method is complete, the local reference variable, to which the method local inner class object was assigned inside the method, dies when the method is complete. Thus, the object is abandoned.And if this is the case always, why , method local inner class objects cannot use the local variables which also die after the method is complete???

Am i not seeing another scenario in which the method local object can be passed out of the method ??? Please explain!! Thanks a ton!