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Recent posts by Ibn Saeed


I suggest that there should be a requirement of posting a Single Review of the book by each of the Winners. This should be included in the Winning Scheme.

14 years ago
Congratulations to the winners.

Do post your reviews of the book after your done reading them.
14 years ago

Gail Anderson wrote:

Your toes are in the water, just jump in already!

lol Thanks for the push. i hope I am not troubling you will so many questions on JavaFX ..
14 years ago

Gail Anderson wrote:
JavaFX is much, much easier to use than Swing. I could post some code (I posted some code that transforms a rectangle by scaling, rotating, and shearing using a slider, but I can't find that post right now) that lets you see, but at this point, I think you would get most of your questions answered if you downloaded JavaFX and tried it out. It's not a huge time investment and you could see how you personally like it.

I will certainly do that in time. First have to get the Java Language under my belt.
14 years ago

Gail Anderson wrote:J As I've said in other posts, the JavaFX UI engineers come from a Swing background and want to make JavaFX UI controls an improved system from what you get with Swing. So, eventually the JavaFX "native" UI controls will probably be what you want to use.

So could it be said that JavaFX might be the replacement for Swing ?
14 years ago

Gregg Bolinger wrote:Also note that the example in Chapter 9 is pulling in a few fxz files which is a bit beyond JavaFX itself. But still a nice example.

Yes, the example does look good but its still looks webby (web material). I think we cant built professional looking GUI in JavaFX such as is possible with Swing (netbeans, Intellij etc)

If anyone who has the book can confirm what you said.

Does Essestial JavaFX tackle such a full application ?
14 years ago

Just searched and found the examples ibeing built in the book

Check all the application screenshots here:

This is the application they made in Chapter 9
14 years ago

Has anyone read "Pro JavaFX Platform: Script, Desktop and Mobile RIA with Java Technology "

It lists :

What you’ll learn

* Get started with JavaFX Script, including downloading the SDK and available tools.
* Express user interfaces with declarative scripting.
* Define classes, functions, and attributes.
* Use JavaFX and associated tools so that an application developer and a graphics designer can effectively collaborate on an application.
* Uncover the JavaFX language and APIs to whatever degree you choose. The tutorials, reference materials, and pointers to resources will be exhaustive.
* Have fun learning JavaFX because of the engaging and friendly style in which it is presented in this book. A lot of people have been waiting for a real 1.2 book to buy and this is it!

Summary of Contents

1. Getting a Jump Start in JavaFX
2. Taking a Closer Look at the JavaFX Script Language
3. Creating a User Interface in JavaFX
4. Using Functions, Classes and Other Advanced Features
5. Creating Custom UI Components in JavaFX
6. Using the Media Classes
7. Dynamically Laying Out Nodes in the User Interface
8. Extending JavaFX with Third-Party Libraries
9. Building a Professional JavaFX Application
10. Developing JavaFX Mobile Applications
1. Keywords and Operators

I am interested to know about the Professional JavaFX application mentioned above. What kind of application does it build?
14 years ago

Gregg Bolinger wrote: Applets still load too slow for a good user experience.

As far as Applets, go i am not a fan of it and its due to the fact of slow speed.
14 years ago

Gregg Bolinger wrote:I still don't think it is ready. It's better. But not quite where it needs to be. It needs wider IDE adoption. It needs a flippin Data Grid. And unfortunately, it is still pretty much an applet. I have the latest JRE on my mac, on my PC, and on a Linux box. Applets still load too slow for a good user experience. This isn't JavaFX's fault directly, but this needs to be fixed before JavaFX can really be successful, IMHO.

Can I download your game, I would like to test it out and check its speed as well.
14 years ago

Gregg Bolinger wrote:If you already have the backend built in php/mysql, just expose some web services that the JavaFX application can access. No JDBC required. Gail's book has a chapter on this. It is the flikr example.

So that is solved.

Now the question arises, how does JavaFX's GUI libraries compare to Swings ?
14 years ago

Gregg Bolinger wrote: But we need a book for the next level.

I just visited you Blog. Found this:

My First Attempt at JavaFX

You mentioned

JavaFX isn't ready for enterprise level RIAs.There are too many missing pieces, too many missing components, and of course, no real linux support yet.

Wanted to know if you changed you opinion by now or not ?
14 years ago

Gregg Bolinger wrote:JavaFX supports anything Java. That said, I wouldn't put JDBC code directly in a JavaFX application. I'd personally prefer to create the JavaFX app that accesses my data via web services. This makes it much easier to distribute.

I reason i asked is because i want to create a desktop application which communicate with my online webstore built in php/mysql. I think through JDBC, using Swing as UI, I can accomplish that.

How would I accomplish accessing my MySQL Data in JavaFX ?
14 years ago

Bear Bibeault wrote:

Gregg Bolinger wrote: But we need a book for the next level.

Such books can be a hard-sell to publishers.

This is very sad situation.

We have get thousands of beginner books each year, on the same subject. and people just keep buying them, even the seasoned programmers.
14 years ago

Does JavaFX support JDBC libraries ?
14 years ago