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Recent posts by Nick Gilmour

First, thank you for your answer.

There was no apache or pdfbox to see by the proposed libraries (Ctrl + space).

I`ve extracted the zip file und added only the jar files in my build path and not the whole zip file like I`ve done before.

Now it seems to be working....
Hi all,

I want to learn Java and write a program using PDFBox and Lucene and I`m trying desperately to get both working in Eclipse and Netbeans.

Until now I couldn`t find some information on how to import zip files in Eclipse and Netbeans.

I see PDFBox under Java Build Path / Libraries and the contents of the PDFBox are in the project explorer under my project but when I try:

I get the error: "the import org.pdfbox cannot be resolved"

What I`m supposed to do with this PDFBox zip File?

How does it integrate with Eclipse and Netbeans?

What kind of adjustments do I have to do in my Java Build Path?

Please help!!!

Thanks in advance!