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Recent posts by olze oli

Al Hobbs wrote:Would that have worked also you think?

I am pretty sure: no
3 years ago
I guess this is the common way to configure that: 1 app -> 1 subdomain.
This application is running on localhost:8080, the apache running on that production server runs on :80 and :443, firewall blocks everything else.
When a request comes in at matrix.myhost.de, all requests are redirected to localhost:8080 to that application.
I thought (and thats probably the mistake), that i somehow can get that working without creating an extra subdomain. So if myhost.de/register is accessed, i can somehow make the index.html work that all requests corresponding to this one event (registration) are forwarded. But seems like thats impossible. Or i am not advanced enough. So i created a new subdomain, matrix.myhost.de - all requests to this complete domain are now forwarded to the application, thats how it works now.
3 years ago
This problem has been solved. I use now a complete subdomain for this part and it seems to work.
Currently struggling on another problem, the matrixregistration.config file is not found in the classpath.
If you still want to take a look at - feedback is very appreciated!
3 years ago
I have a little application which listens on
This application works like a charm - it is a REST service with a very simple html form. The html form sends an ajax request to the rest service.
When i debug this application, it works as expected.

When i put this application to my server, it does not work.

This is the output of the spring application when i click the submit button of my html form.

the html piece is this:

Anyone an idea what goes wrong here? Do i have to somehow configure the embedded tomcat in my spring application to allow POST requests?
If required i can also upload the piece of configuration of my apache server (the reverse proxy part), but i guess it has nothing to do with the problem i encounter... i guess
3 years ago
The important part is the content, not the stuff around it. Thats the big point. And i still believe, when i take a look at that jdownloader picture, this is some kind of a tree. There is a hidden root node, followed by some child nodes where each of the child nodes has some leafs.

I delete a complete row

Thanks, this looks very promising to me!
3 years ago
At the moment it is 1 menuitem (delete), but when it is finished there will be 5-8 i guess. More or less.
I use scenebuilder to create a .fxml file and then i use the IDs in my code.
Daniel, please re-read my question again. "The ContextMenu has some items like delete, refresh, etc."
Are you absolutely sure that the picture uses a tableview and NOT a treeview? How do you know that? Because it absolutely looks like some kind of tree (treetableview, treeview, ...) and that is what i need - because i have a package which has some files, and each of those files should be able to display a progressbar, a cancel button etc.

Thanks Knute, i think so too. So i have to create for each item in the tree a new ContextMenu which is triggered. This contextmenu knows which element got clicked and then i can execute the given action on that element. Right?

3 years ago
Hi, i have a treeview which holds some elements. At the moment, those are just strings. I attached a ContextMenu to that Treeview. The ContextMenu has some items like delete, refresh, etc. which should interact on the object in the treeview. My problem is that when the menu appears, i do not know how i can get the selected element(s). And i believe, my design is broken/procedural.

There is my first question: what is best practice to have a treeview (or anything like that) and elements in that list. Guess i should add the complete object to the treeview, register a special renderer for that treeview which holds a reference to the selected elements. When the user rightclicks on one of the elements and selects the delete menuitem, i can get the selected element(s) from the treeview-renderer, which inform the underlying classes that these element(s) should be removed. Is this correct?

I am new to javafx, if someone has any advice, i really appreciate that, thanks!

ps.: there is a tool called jdownloader, which has pretty exactly what i need from the design of the table/tree. Maybe someone can tell me what would be the "best" way to get something like that: https://browse.startpage.com/do/show_picture.pl?l=deutsch&rais=1&oiu=https%3A%2F%2Fi.imgur.com%2F7d26f0u.png&sp=07c549cf7c3207fe4387d521caea089f&t=default but with context menu's when someone right-clicks on one of the listed elements.
3 years ago
I found the solution. The client got closed too fast. When send() is called, it returns true meaning: "the message got queued", but that does not mean it got sent. Therefore, implementing autocloseable on the client and closing the ZContext made it.
4 years ago
I do not want to force others (if they want to implement their own UI) to use java. Unfortunately, REST is not really useful for that scenario. Therefore i prefer some kind of bytestream protocol which can be used in other languages too (zeromq is available for many languages, no brokerserver required etc.)
4 years ago
There is no API doc - jeromq implements zeromq (http://zeromq.org/intro:read-the-manual)
The only documentation is the bible (link above) and the junit samples https://github.com/zeromq/jeromq/tree/master/src/test/java/guide
4 years ago
no, there is no forum. if there would be such, i would not have posted here.
4 years ago
I tried to get JeroMQ working for my little project. It is a UI and a backend server which handles the logic. But i can not get a JeroMQ Server/Client communication working.

I can connect to the server in the client and also send() returns true, but on the server side i never get to "Received ..."
Can someone tell me what is wrong?
4 years ago
Thanks, but how? The response's entity is null.

The code on the server is:

This is executed as expected.
But on the client side when i set a breakpoint after:

I see nothing of "Invalid Captcha" in the response to identify what has caused it on the server side. The entity is null. And i dont know why. This is my main problem. Can you tell me why?
I also tried to use ClientErrorException for the Mapper - but its also not executing it. Also the log shows nothing of that class, what i would expect when it gets registered