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I am using displayTag to display a table of result (each result per row) in my JSP page. I have a checkbox field as one of the columns. By using displayTag, I can do sorting and pagination. I have a SUBMIT button at the bottom of the page, which will save checkbox's value into the database.

The problem i have is, if i select some of the checkbox in page 1 and go to page 2 to select some more and if i come back, i loose all the selected checkboxes in page 1.

Is there a way where i could save my checkbox's value while i browse across pages and gets submitted all at once?

Thanks so much...
Hi all,

I have problem when display the apostrophe in Excel, using the displaytag.

The data i retrieve from DB contains apostrophe.
It displays properly when media=html, but when media=excel, it displays the ASCII instead (& # 3 9 ;)

Need help