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Recent posts by Wasin Raktham

Hello, I'm beginner for JMF. I tried to write a java class to create a image to review video file.

I found a code from internet but it doesn't work for me. Because When I run the code, it show me..

Fobs4JMF - Native shared library found
635.088First Position: 0, 80 Duration: 635088
Frame Rate: 25
Opening Thread[JMF thread: com.sun.media.PlaybackEngine@f5da06[ com.sun.media.PlaybackEngine@f5da06 ] ( configureThread),9,system]
Fobs Java2DRenderer: setInputFormat
Fobs Java2DRenderer: setInputFormat
FobsVideoTrack: mapTimeToFrame
FobsVideoTrack: mapFrameToTime
Exception in thread "main" java.lang.NullPointerException
at com.user.vidtojpg.VideoUtility.getImageOfCurrentFrame(VideoUtility.java:66)
at com.user.vidtojpg.VideoUtility.getAllImages(VideoUtility.java:94)
at com.user.vidtojpg.VideoUtility.getAllImages(VideoUtility.java:105)
at com.user.vidtojpg.VideoUtility.main(VideoUtility.java:113)

What about Exception in thread "main" java.lang.NullPointerException? and How I fix it.

Then my code is :

12 years ago

I have any problem to your help.

I need a java class to get an image from .mp4 file.

I try to read about JMF. But I confuse about it.

I need to get an example of image from .mp4. For example I need a first frame, 100th frame, 200 frame from video.

How do I writa a code.

How to convert movie file to an image files or screenshot using java.

Have a java API?
How to convert PDF file to an image files using java.

Have any Java API?

David Newton wrote:What specific issue are you having?

When I compile it shown me access denied <<all files>> execute
12 years ago

Bear Bibeault wrote:Where is "C:\"? On the server, or on the client? If the former, simply use normal Java file I/O. If the latter, you can't do that.

To get a file from the client to the server, you'll need to have the user upload the file. See the JSP FAQ for information on creating upload capability.

Drive C:\ on server.
12 years ago
Hello, I'm new Java.

I need to write a code to read a folder in C:\ from server side.

I tried to read about java.policy. But I don't understand about it.

Please explain me how to fix this problem.

Thank you!!
12 years ago

ujjwal soni wrote:Hi,

Check that your path has read write execute permission.

How can i check it?

My friends tell me to look java.policy but it's not work.
12 years ago

I'm new java user.

I try to code a program to execute cmd.exe via GWT(google web toolkit)

I code

in server side and run it.

So, it show me

access denied (java.io.FilePermission c:\Myfile.txt read)

How i fix it.

Please help me.
12 years ago