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Recent posts by Prakash Kumar M

Thanks for reply.

Please let me know if the format is changed at one time, how to transform this input to plugin technologies.

Please explain little bit in detail

12 years ago
Actually I have a complex encrypted file where the questions,multiple options, correct answer, score for every question are separated by different delimiters. Could we decrypt and read the same using javascript such that these questions should be randomized and send only one final object on page load, so that the questions and necessary information can be navigated from this object. Please suggest as i am new to java script.
12 years ago

I was asked to build question bank using browser technologies. I have a txt file containing list of 100-200 questions. I am suppose to read this file and display the questions in the browser.But i am not suppose to use java or any other languages to read this file. The requirement is even if this application is deployed on PHP, .NET modules the question bank has to run correctly.

Initially i thought of using applet so that there will be no server communication. Hence I can read file on the client machine where the text file is available using URLConnection and install JRE on client machine to display the same. As i couldn't use Java language this option wouldn't work.

Please let me know if there are any other options
12 years ago

seetharaman and sagar thanks for your suggestion.

seetharaman wrote: i think he expect exactly at what place you are getting the connection from Connection Pooling

seetharaman, from the above information, you guess that the interviewer has expected me to tell if i have retrieved connection through any class file or dao. I did not understand please elaborate. Sorry if this is too basic

Also, as sagar said, even i was confused when the interviewer asked me to think the difference between doget,dopost with reference to jvm.

My interview results are not yet informed.

12 years ago

Recently i attended an interview with a MNC. I was asked few questions as below which made me to confuse and think

Question 1: How do you get the db connection and in what way you communicate to database from your project

I said, am using datasource that is registered with JNDI service and hence on look up i am getting the connection. However for the second part in the question, i was confused.

Please let me know how should be the good and professional answer for this question. I am also using EJB 2.0 in the application.

Question 2: In struts 1.x can i call the controller from model

I said, the action servlet will invoked on user request and hence the servlet will decide the forward path, form to be used, relative beans etc and also i drew a diagram representing the architecture of struts mvc model.

The diagram i drew was as similar in the below link

Please let me know by asking the above question, what does the interviewer expecting and how should my answer be more convincing

Question 3: What is the difference between doget and dopost request

I said, in

doget: user entered data is appended to the URL as query String. It can send only limited amount of data.

dopost: the user entered is not appended to the URL.It can send any amount of data.

The interviewer said that he wants more good answer and professional answer. Also asked me to think answer based on JVM.

I was confused. Please let me know how should i have convinced him.

Thanks in advance

12 years ago
I am been working in a product based company (Chennai, India) as a software developer for past 3 years 4 months. Now I have a situation that company is offering me to choose either of two positions as senior software engineer or team leader.

Please let me know what designation does a candidate of 3 years 4 months have in MNC.

I am confused, if i choose a designation as TL, does it have any problem if i move to any other MNC company, because there i may or may not get the position of TL. If I am offered as SSE in other company, does it effect my growth.

Please advice

12 years ago

Recently i had an interview, where i faced a question as

In Action,ActionForm,ActionServlet,ActionMapping classes which are thread safe and why

Can you please let me know the correct answers. I was confused.

Thanks in advance
12 years ago

I have completed my bachelors in Information Science Engineering and have undergone very good training in Network Related Domain.

I have very good knowledge in network related concepts,CCNA,RedHat Linux,Solaris, System Configuration and network Administration.

With this above skills I would like to know a good openings in this domain. And would like to say that, i do not have formal working experience in company and hence to be considered as a fresher.

I am from Bangalore(India). Please let me know if there are any such openings.
13 years ago
stored procedure do not return value, however function does that.

So do function needs to be used here instead of proc.

Can anybody please explain how the below problem could be solved.

I am developing new shopping cart application. While I viewed amazon shopping cart, i found a interesting feature saying like "customers who has viewed this item, has also viewed these", hence displaying the items related to the last item selected by the user and also feature like your last recent history

Can someone suggest how this is happening, i am more interested to develop such a module. As i thought this something related to JDBC, hence am posting this topic here. Please correct if am wrong

13 years ago
Thanks Jai for replying.

Yes you are right, my app1 is website and app2 is my shopping cart application.

So i have a requirement to run SSL only for app2 and not for app1 (website pages)

Since SSL is configured at server level, https is getting activated to app1 also.

Can you please help me on this.
13 years ago
Please let me know any suggestions
13 years ago

I configured SSL in Jboss 5.1.0. It was possible for me to access my application available inside war file through http as well https.

Currently i have my applications in two war files A and B deployed under default/deploy directory. Is it possible to access applications in B.war using only https and A.war using only http.

Please suggest

13 years ago