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Did you go through Kathy Sierra and Bert Bates?
It's the best book for SCJP, if you didn't read it this time and try to make a note of important points-it helps a lot.
Prepare well and go with a fresh mind.

All the very best for your next try.
12 years ago
Please explain in a bit detail.
12 years ago
You must have created the method of Calender class or any other class which are abstract using the factory methods:

The follwing doubt came to my mind while studying-
"Calender class is an abstract, we cannot create an instance of that class. But in the above code Calender class is getting instantiated. HOW ON EARTH"

What actually happens is a subclass(of Calender) instance is created and returned by getInstance() method ans is assigned to the Calender reference c. This is an example of upcasting. We are able to use the methods of calender class by this method.(Correct me if I am wrong, if it is not an example of upcasting, but just an example of assigning a subclass object to superclass reference.)
One day before the exam.

I had created a few charts like-Compile/Run Time Exceptions, File/FileWriter/BufferedReader...., String methods, I revised such charts

and I revised all the explanations for the answers I had got wrong on ExamLab and explanations for all other mock tests I did and sample questions I practiced and got wrong...and few highlights I had in my self-prepared notes.
t.sleep() is same as Thread.sleep()-will put the thread in current execution to sleep.

don't get confused by code which seems to call sleep on some other thread instance.

--will put to sleep the current thread in execution only because anotherThread.sleep(); is same as Thread.sleep();
From garbage collection, How many objects will be eligible for garbage collection, island of isolation
According to me Collections and all related classes and interfaces should be referred, Strings and String Buffers, File, BufferedReader/Writer...
Exceptions-Runtime and Compile time...
Please tell me the procedure of applying for logo.(What all information do we have to mail to
And what is it about.
I gave OCPJP on 21st September

And also tell me if we can write about it on our resumes, If yes what can we write, can we mention the score as well?
The certificate which I will get, would my score be mentioned on it or not?
and any other info. regarding this.

12 years ago
The answers to the Drag and Drop Questions are erased if you click on the Exhibit(or some other one for showing the code) button, and the question that you want the answer to be erased is prompted to you when you click the exhibit button once you have completed answering the questions
Hey...I had that question in my exam which it asked for two options but had a radiobutton only...I marked the best suited answer(and got it right... )...that question was about cohesion or coupling I think...
12 years ago
I think almost all of the topics are covered.
K&B is the best for SCJP
By the time you will read this, most probably you would have given your exam, still

Welcome to JavaRanch
Your score is pretty good with the ExamLab, and I think you will do good at the exam.
All the best