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arathi kartha

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since Jun 29, 2009
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Recent posts by arathi kartha

Hi All,

I am a 2006 B-tech graduate with 1.1 years of IT (Java & Testing) experience. Due to some personal problem i resigned my previous job. For the last one year I haven't worked anywhere. Currently I am looking for a job very seriously, But not getting any call. If i got a call due my one year career gap it may lose(i think).So i am preparing for doing a course in java or software testing, Which is better java or testing in current market situation. Some people told me java is better for girls long term career, is it correct? Actually i have not much confidence in programming skill. But i have good basic knowledge in Java and Sql. In the previous company i not experienced with Automated tools like QTP, Load runner etc. A course, which covers automated tools deeply, will help me to get a new opening? Or the one-year career gap makes me problems?
Which is better Java or software testing in terms of Job openings, promotion, package?

Please help me to develop a career, It is very critical for me?

Best Regards,
14 years ago
Hello all,

Can you please share your valuable opinion about my career.

I am 2002 B-Tech graduate(from a Non IT branch) with high grade.
After my graduation I worked as a engineer in my field(elec) about 2 year.
After that i could not worked any where around 6 year.
Now i am looking for a software opening.I already did some software courses in oracle.
Now is it possible to get a software openings.Is there is any age limit for a fresher opening as i hadn't any previous experience in software field.

Expectig your valuabe suggestions. Its very helpful for me.

Thank you
15 years ago