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Recent posts by Radi Hadzhiyski

Thanks for spending some time thinking around this We can close this now.

Jeff Verdegan wrote:As far as Java is concerned, it is identical to every other sync block in all Java code everywhere and everywhen. The only thing that distinguishes one synchronization from another is which object you sync on, but the object itself has zero significance to Java. (And note that, contrary to your subject line, we sync on objects, not references.)

Yeah, I know that, sorry for my miswording

Jeff Verdegan wrote:On the other hand, as far as how your app will behave, that depends entirely on A) What else syncs on that same lock and B) What else accesses any shared resources that are accessed in those sync blocks.

That's true, I was in a hurry and forgot to mention, that no side code should be considered (assumed multiple threads will just call the doIt() and the resources modified within doIt() are not modified elsewhere)

Jeff Verdegan wrote:In general, though, syncing on the Class object for a different class is quite unusual (I don't think I've ever seen it, in 15 years of Java programming), and it's probably a red-flag for your design.

Exactly, that's my point too I am actually pretty familiar with multi-threading, but I as I saw this for the first time in my life , I was very curious, whether I don't miss something.
Hi @,

Does someone see a problem with this synchronization:

I mean I admit it is awful, but it is thread-safe, right? even no matter whether Foo or Bar are singletons or not
this issue is not valid any more
12 years ago
Hi @,

I have here a voucher (Exam must be completed no later than 30 Apr 2011) and I don't have enough time to prepare.
Is there anyone, that want to take an exam anyway before 30 Apr 2011 (doesn't matter which exam SCJP,SCJD etc.)? We could exchange the vouchers.
If someone intends to buy a voucher anyway and take the exam before 30 Apr 2011, then we could exchange them too

@Admin: Please forward this to the right forum
12 years ago

yeah that with the expiration date was wrong, it is 30.04.2011 as you probably already figured out.
Ok thanks for your information, then I suppose to start with the SCWCD

Again thanks
Hi @,

I was just wondering, which of these both is easier to pass (both are interesting to me and I don't have so much time, just till 30.04.2010 because my voucher ends then).
I am not so familiar with the theme, so I have to learn for both exams.

What is your opinion?

Welcome Sergey,

I wish you good luck and a lot of success!
Wow, that was a big battle (to be more precise – more than 8 months)
I did the exam on 17.09.2009 and yesterday (02.06.2010) I became an email with the confirmation, that I've passed the SCJD with “not score”,
because as from now, there will be no scoring, when the candidate has passed the exam.
Score will be provided just for those, that have failed, to know, where they should pay attention for the resubmitting.
Well it would be nice to know, how you've passed the exam, but passed is just fine

Great Thanks to:

  • Andrew Monkhouse and Terry Camerlengo for the great SCJD book
  • Roel De Nijs
  • Roberto Perillo

  • and the others forum member, that gave me good tips during my preparation

    Good luck to all of you, that are preparing for the exam or are waiting for the result and don't be angry,
    just be consequent and don't stop asking, when they are late (“fight for your rights ”)

    Have a nice day (or night )

    13 years ago

    Hi guys,

    my store is a bit long , I have taken my SCJP in July last year and shortly after that, I started the SCJD.
    The exam was taken on 17.09.09 and like Roel De Nijs suggested, I wrote an email to sun, that I've uploaded my assignment and taken the exam,
    just that they know about this and make the assessment a bit faster. They gave me immediately an answer, that everything is fine and that was
    the last thing I've heard from them for so many months
    I wrote many mails during the months, nothing happened, then I wrote many mails to different locations (I found the addresses on the internet)
    ses_de@sun.com, who2contact@sun.com, suncert@prometric.com, suncert_ww <suncert_ww@oracle.com> etc.
    Just for 2 weeks ago I received an email, that they are sorry about this issue, but now my certificate is ready to be mailed to me, I have to update my
    personal information only, than I saw, that in the mail it was about SCJP, so I answered, that I already have the SCJP and the issue is about the SCJD,
    then after 2 weeks, I received my second mail from sun/oracle:

    Hi Radi,
    Your assignment and essay exam were sent to our assessors for grading on 2009-09-17. We will escalate this and request processing on priority basis. We are sorry for the delay.
    Once your assignment score is returned, your results will be transferred to the Sun Certification Database at http://www.certmanager.net/sun. If you have obtained a passing score, you will receive email confirmation of your successful certification and your certification package will be processed.
    We appreciate your patience.
    OCP Team

    I mean, I already know that, what is that for a fu**ing answer, should I wait another 6 weeks for assessment from now. That was really stupid from sun/oracle.
    Maybe they cannot do anything at all, because of the acquisition oracle/sun, but they could send an automatic email from the beginning to all with the simple text like:

    blah blah acquisition, it can take i bit long to assess your assignment, sorry and so on and so on

    So now I will wait and pray, that I've passed the exam

    Fernando Franzini wrote:Hi ranchers
    Today I did essay. Actually was easier than I thought....
    Anyway...thanks for all help
    Now I'm waiting final result

    Congratulations !!!

    I hope, it doesn't take so much time, like by me (almost 11 weeks and still no result)

    maybe you're using Eclipse, if so i had the same observation.
    You should modify the version in the menu of Eclipse:
    You can do it for a project only or for all projects.

    Maybe this can help.

    Bastian Schoepp wrote:I took the exam on Nov 10th, sent the email on 16th and received the reply on 19th. It says that it has been sent to the assessor on 15th.

    Well, you have to wait a little bit more, but I took the exam on 15th Sept. this year and I've received an email too with a confirmation, but since then
    there is still no result (already 10 weeks, instead of 4-6 weeks)

    Bastian Schoepp wrote:Hi Radi

    The same is true for me. I've got no entry for the SCJD but only for the SCJP. Nevertheless I wrote to who2contact and they confirmed that my assignment is already forwarded to the assessor. I have to wait three to five weeks...

    When did you take the essay exam?
    I didn't receive any mail from who2contact.

    Johnny Barbosa wrote:
    Hi man.

    I Think you have to look for link called "Test History". If the result got out, you will see a button called "<<Details".
    My result got out about 10 days week.

    Yes, i know that, but when I click on the Test History button, there is only the result of my SCJP exam, so i still have to wait probably