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Recent posts by Angeline G Fernando

Has anybody set up the registry server with the Java WSDP Registry Server.
On installation my server crashes looking for log4J jar
Thnks for your help
10 years ago

Mikalai Zaikin wrote:

Prageeth Athulathmudali wrote:Hi

SOAP 1.2

Be careful: Exam covers SOAP 1.1, not SOAP 1.2



The SUN site mentions Section 2: SOAP 1.2 Web Service Standards as part of the second objective.
But the BP 1.1 (part of objective 1 ) does not seem to include SOAP 1.2.

Would somebody help with this
Thank You

Hi Ivan,

Thanks..I am starting with web services and wading thru it.. Your notes and Monson-Haefel are what I am working with for SCDJWS5..
Was wondering if I was going back to rpc by using this deployment file..
Thanks for clearing that up

Ivan Krizsan wrote:Hi!
I also used Ivan's notes and found that it simply would not work without the sun-jaxws.xml deployment descriptor.
This file is Metro's (the web service stack) own deployment descriptor, as can be read on this page:
After having read this quote, I get the feeling it may be some kind of remains from the JAX-RPC days:

The JAX-WS stack expects the sun-jaxws.xml file rather than the jaxrpc-ri.xml file. Most of the contents in the new xml file is same as that of the older file. There is no need or equivalent to wsdeploy. So if you have used wsdeploy , it would generate the jaxrpc-ri-runtime.xml, use this file as it would have most of the information to populate the sun-jaxws.xml

A guess is that this deployment descriptor came into being before JSR109 was final, but this is just a wild guess.
Apart from this, I haven't come up with anything better. Digging around in the Metro code would help, but I am too lazy. :-)
Best wishes!

Ivan Krizsan wrote:Hi!
Try out JARFinder for issues like this.
It seems like the annotation XmlSeeAlso is not available in JavaSE6, but you have to look in, for instance, JAXB 2.1.
Other alternatives on here:
Best wishes!

Thanks for the Hint..Will check that out too for further issues..
This worked fine when I changed the ant files to point to jdk 1.6 wsimport instead of the glassfish library
Thank You..
10 years ago
I am trying to write a simple web client that accesses a webservice using the glassfish 2.1 server.
Have included the glassfish jars in my ant file..However the wsimport generates files with errors for
"import javax.xml.bind.annotation.XmlSeeAlso;" and import;

What else do I have to include..My understanding was that the jax-ws lib files were in the SDK
10 years ago
I am using Ivan's notes and am trying to do the jax-ws implementations.
I am using Glassfish 2.1 in eclipse.
Anybody knows why I need to use thje sun-jaxws.xml file to get the service up and running?

The web.xml and the sun-web.xml do not seem to be enuf..

Thank you,