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Recent posts by chandan kumar mitwaa

Hello Vivek

I am using eclipse. I created a new project using New Spring Project wizard. I had downloaded Spring framework 3 from the official spring site. Now I extracted it somewhere on my computer. Then I add the jar files in the folder "dist" to my project classpath.

The structure as it appears in my Project Explorer is like this:


:Spring Elements
@JRE System Library


Please help me on this, what am I missing?
12 years ago
Hi everyone,

I am new to Spring. This is my first Spring Application but I was unable to successfully run it. I have tried a lot but I am not getting the reason why it is not running.

Application name: SequenceGenerator


When I press the run button in eclipse the Output is :

Please help me on this.

12 years ago
I had to pay 2 questions for my negligence. From the very start I neglected "Java Patterns" and thought I would study that at last. But I made two questions wrong in the exam. This is really hurting me. I was hoping for above 95%. Learnt a lesson.

But I am happy, and sharing this with you is so healing. I look for some words from you rancher friends.

Thank you very much.
12 years ago
Hi friends,

I passed SCWCD with 92%, yesterday. Thank you all.

I would say, I love this forum very much.
12 years ago
Hi saurabh soni,

Welcome to JavaRanch!!

You should start a new topic for your query. Please note that your post is not relevant or related to this topic. Also any code must be enclosed between [ code][\ code] so that it will be automatically formatted for better readability.

Also refer to: How To Ask Questions On Java Ranch
12 years ago
I read EJB 3.0 only a little, from O' Reilly's Enterprise JavaBeans 3.0, 1.5 years back and I found it quite interesting. I am not sure of Spring. I browse through companies and most of them require Spring. I have seen only a few asking for EJB. Is it that Spring is widely used?

12 years ago
Hello Vivek,

Can I manage learning both hand to hand, at same time?? Or I should complete one and go for the other?? How long is it going to take, if I learn them separately?

However I want to add both to my basket, may be in some near future. For the time being I want to have an experience level which helps me deliver considerable output to my company. Please reply in these contexts.
12 years ago
Hi everyone,

I want to learn one out of Spring and EJB. I have a little idea about EJB 3.0. I am about to complete my graduation and take a job.
Please suggest me which one should I choose and why?

12 years ago

Maciek Mike wrote:Hi,

...In one of my mock questions I found this as the correct answer. Could someone please provide any example of vendor-specifiv authentication scheme?
Thanks in advance.

Please specify the source of the mock question. As such <auth-method> can take only one of the four values in DD.
Hello Ankit,

[E-Mail ID DELETED] is the email through which I bought a SCJP voucher priced at Rs 4000 last August.

This is the mail I would like to share here as receieved from the concerned Institution on 2/06/2009:

This time,[ie on 16/1/2010] I contacted them for SCWCD voucher on [email id removed] for SCWCD voucher and they replied through [E-Mail ID DELETED].


The other email [E-Mail ID DELETED]: I got a reply from this when i mailed an enquiry about sun vouchers to, which in turn I got from

Below given are two email addresses:

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You can send a request for information on vouchers to the same. They are charging Rs 5500/- for a voucher with validity upto December 31, 2010. While NIITs, may cost not less than Rs 6000/-.

Happy Birthday
13 years ago

The answer on page 420 states that it will FAIL at request.
If the Bean exists on the request scope with value "Evan" why does it fail?
I am missing something but I don't know where.

I have tried above code but it does not fail. I think you too should try once.

<taglib xmlns="" xmlns:xsi=""
xsi:schemaLocation="" version="1.0">

Use version="2.0" instead.

Hope that it works.
Hello Tomasz

When you think of it - a URL needs to be rewritten only when it is pointing back to the same application, right? There's no point in passing a session ID to any other application (in fact - it might be insecure).

I have added this line as the last line in my code:

And both the containers are giving me the output:

Encoded 14: /SessionUsingURLRewriting/../nondir/nonexistent.jsp;jsessionid=ebab003123420dc7494140ed08c7

I don't think that the url is still pointing to the same application.
What do you say???