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Recent posts by Nicky narayan

Thank you so much Paul..

Could you please provide small snippet for HTML Parser to retrieve font

8 years ago
Hi Paul Clapham

Thanks for your response.

yes , " eml" files contains message along with headers.

please clarify one thing can't we retrieve only body part from that email ?

my exact requirement is-

We used to get some . eml files with different fonts like Arial,Times New Roman ete.., with different sizes.
Now i have to traverse the whole file and specify which line of text containing which font.

8 years ago

Hi All,

my requirement is to retrieve font type, font size from " . eml" file.
can one help me on this.

8 years ago


Can one please provide example application for sending and receiving an attchment using Spring WebServies.

Thanks in advance,
10 years ago
i have to convert it like that only

is there any chance to avoid -ve value while converting long to int
11 years ago

I am getting Date variable as a long value
After that i have to convert it to Integer for my requirement.

Please suggest me how to convert it.
11 years ago

I am trying to convert an long value to Intger.
long =1282900123450l;
System.out.println("x value is -->"+x);
Integer y=(int)x;
System.out.println("y value is -->"+y);

The result is :
x value is -->1282900123450
y value is -->-1295098054

can anyone help me on this how to convert long to Integer value without getting -ve value.It is very urgent to me.
11 years ago
Can we able to run Tomcat without Port number?
Actually i got this query in the interview.

Please tell me if any one knows the proper answer.
12 years ago
I havae Product,Item databses in the MYSQLServer .I want to switch between these two Databases in the Hibernate.
How can i do this ?

I have fle with connection properties of Database.
Want to access those properties in the hibernate.cgf.xml file.
Help me with code example.
Asked me in an interview.

Please clear me one thing-----actually how/where we will get unnecessary Synchronization ?

Please explain with an example.

Thanks in advance.

Can anyone tell me how can we avaid Unnecessary Synchronization ?

Thanks in advance.
Means Original str(Nicky) is stored on 1 location.
Modified str(nNicky) is stored in 2nd location.

when ever I am trying to access the 'str' variable i will get "modified string"(nNicky) rite ?

Is there any chance to get the original string (Nicky)?

Thanks in advance.
12 years ago

What is the exact difference the String and String Buffer ?

As the definion said abt String is Immutable(cant be changeble)
But, in the example:

String str="Nicky";
out.println(str); // it prints Nicky

out.println(str); // it prints nNicky

Here my doubt is str is appended with 'n' letter.

then how can we call it as Immutable string.

I observed one diff b/w string and String buffer is -

String str="nicky";

StringBuffer str1="Narayan"; // gives compile time error

Means StringBuffer should not accept Literals..

I need to know the exact difference .Please tell me any one knows this.

12 years ago