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Recent posts by Ustaad Desraj

but sir problem works same either netbeans or any other.

No read code and help me else i will destroy my head
I am using NETBEANS and IE

it is still not working

downside it is

I am trying to access value of hidden inside jquery but it is not working.
it always takes null in it, and do not allow code to run


in body section i have written

Where am i doing the mistake?
kindly tell
it is JavaScript Library, does it means JavaScript Query??

Emoticons show me weeping crying, just hitting my head to wall for my less understanding.

And jQuery is written in what? (Not that I actually see any jQuery there.)

JQuery is written in Java, i think it's Java Query

but i am not rude.
you all lied me it's JQUERY not JAVASCRIPT................
if anyone have mroe too add kindly add plese
13 years ago
Thanks Clausen and Campbell for cool answer. I am writing your given points again
So what i got out of it:

1) BufferedReader -

Clausen Said:

a) It's purpose is to provide a buffer for reading operations, accelerating your program if it reads a lot from time-costly spaces (like disk drives).

b) It cannot read itself (not from a source you want it to read from, anyway).

c) You cannot use (only) a BufferedReader to read out the content of a file, for example. You combine it usually with an object of a class which CAN read something useful, like a file reader. It is like an afterburner for a car engine

Cambell also Added:

BufferedReader is a sort of final common pathway for different inputs; it buffers input from different sources, returning it in reproducible formats.

2) Scanner -

Clausen Described:

a) The Scanner's purpose seems to be created for reading text from anywhere (files, console, younameit).

b) It has not a buffering capacity and it is not something you can use a BufferedReader on, because a Scanner is not a Reader, but only an Object(inheritance-wise). Being in the package java.util it has a basic smell on it.

Cambell also Added:

:: Campbell Ritchie Cuts this point and said::
i) Scanner does its own buffering internally, and "consumes" Exceptions, so it is much easier to use.
ii) It also will read a particular type of data, using the next() methods.

c) It does have a peculiarity that the readLine() method may return an empty line after a read() call.

d) You can also use the hasNext() methods to avoid Exceptions when input is entered in the wrong format.
Again you need a next() or nextLine() call to get rid of the old input before trying the new input.

e) Note that Scanner is described as a "simple text scanner". That doesn't mean it is simple , but that it scans simple text only. It is actually a very sophisticated application, which can use regular expressions to split its input. But it only works on text.

* Thanks for this point: The opposite of Scanner is Formatter.
13 years ago
o Sir, why people always give long long tutorial,
can't you give answer from your knowledge in lay man language for a laymann guy?

if i have to read all this and extract out differences why i put question?

Sir you people can explain it in a good language, and more understandable form like you guys did in previous posts.

pease, just give me major differences...thanks
14 years ago

Ok It's Javascript


Ok It's Javascript

Now i will ask you few questions after studying code,
so get ready to reply
is there any Technical Differences between Scanner and BufferedReader?
which is better to use and why?
please tell i m not getting any both are taking my inputs
14 years ago

Good luck with that. Don't hold your breath waiting for an answer

No i am waiting for reply without holding my breath


See more what google does in last part of code.
i am now studying this code if i will have any problem kindly help

i am still thinking that it's some other language embedded like Facebook have FBML etc.

Thank you

I have written this to google, why to use such a confusing code. let's see what will they reply.

is this CSS embeded in Javascript???