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Recent posts by tony f

Can anyone give me the link to the official EJB 1.1 specification?

According to a reply from roseannezhang somewhere in Javaranch, the figure of 120 hours was regarded as more realistic by the SCJD study group she uses - that would put you on target! This study group can be found under by searching for SCJD Study Group, as far as I can remember, or try finding the original post.
Yours, Tony.
When I view the pdf file downloaded from the diagrams are not displayed properly - they are all black. Is this because I'm using the wrong Acrobat Reader version (I've got 3.0) - or is it just something I have to live with.
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One question worth asking is: which of the two can I get
quicker, Developer or Architect certification? I saw a post
from one Developer saying it took 60 hours over a two month
period for him to do the assignement. That sounds good.
Aaron Robinson's notes on the Architect exam seemed to
suggest quite a lot of heavy reading (three books) would
be needed just to get part I (which doesn't even get you a certificate!).
Does anyone have who has done the exams have any comments about these estimates/workloads?
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Thanks for those tips. I've now got things working.
Is there any RMI book you can recommend? I'm currently using "Java Enterprise in a Nutshell" from O'Reilly. While it is a good book, it doesn't cover these basic beginners' problems.
Thanks again, Tony.
20 years ago
In spite of following all of the steps in Gopalan's RMI tutorial
things still aren't working. I get a nested AccessException: unknown host. Does anyone have an idea what I'm doing wrong? Thanks for any tips.
20 years ago