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Recent posts by ms raaghu

Is there a way or methodology in Java to execute certain set horizontally and execute a process as a vertical time line and then again continue execution horizontally? For example: this is my map

map with {String, list of objects}
map.put("1", {obj1, obj2, obj3})
map.put("2", {obj})
map.put("3", {obj})
so now i need start creating xmls for the above list. obj1,obj2 should be executed then, halt execute obj of 2nd key and then continue obj3 and then the elements from key 3.
3 months ago
planning to implement infinite scrolling in one of the web pages. need to inputs on how to start.
need to read data from db render the same on the page using html/JS/Ajax for rendering data.

please help..

need help in loading dynamic data from db on scroll down of a page setting a limit for a data limit say for example show first 10 records and then on scroll down next 10 records like wise
using Jquery/Ajax to load data.

please advise.
Yes i do.. still prefer any other good book in detail.
4 years ago
Thanks for the reply.. but it really covers Generics and not collections as a whole.
4 years ago

Can anyone recommend a book on Java collection in depth meaning explanation on collection topics in detail.

4 years ago
Thanks surlac,

it worked skipping . part successfully.
7 years ago

How would you remove the extension, is that like doing the substring till "." or how?

cant regex be applied to extract the string till the .ext? so that the result would be achieved at a shot

Please suggest
7 years ago

I have a string say "ABC++SXR++DUMMY.png" its a file name here, i need to split the string with the delimiter '++' so i have done it in a simple way i.e.

which gives me an array containing [ABC,SXR,DUMMY.png] here, i want like [ABC,SXR,DUMMY] without the extension part. What would be the regex for achieving the same or should i be doing again the substring on it to remove the .ext from the list?

Please suggest
7 years ago
Thank you all for clear cut explanation , i got it clear how map works ... and for my purpose am using LInkedHashMap for the same...

Thanks again
7 years ago

Jeff Verdegan wrote:If you read the docs for the Map interface, you'll see that it says it makes no guarantees about iteration order.

i agree that there is no particular order but it happens only when the keys are "P" ,"T" and "Q", not for others. Any specific reason behind this?
7 years ago
Hi ,

I have a doubt in the below simple code , the output printed here is Before {A=A}
After {P=B, A=A}

But if I change the key from say "P" to "Z" then the output is Before {A=A}
After {A=A, Z=B}

My question is :why is that the output changes for a key P ,i.e. it reverses the order in which its inserted?

7 years ago
Okies .. actually this is what i have written
no, am very new to jquery.. could you please help me out in this

I tried doing it by re submit the page but now the requirement is do without submitting. Could you please help me doing?