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Recent posts by Enrico Kusnady

Hello Matt,

ohhhhhhhhhhhhh.. i am so happy. You won't believe it.

I did it.... At last............

What i want to do now is, i want that my children node have another children node.

But at last, i could make a tree with RichFaces tree.. ohh.. Finally..

Thank you very much for your help so far.

I found another tutorial http://technology.amis.nl/blog/4710/multi-select-in-richfaces-trees#comment-348596

13 years ago
Hello Matt,

i thank you once again for being very helpful to me.
I really trully appreciate it.

Well, because you already made it. You can make a tree with Richfaces, so i want to do exactly what you did when you made a RichFaces tree.
I want to do 100% the same as you.
And when i saw your web.xml, there are 4 beans ( AddAll, ProjectTreeTest, DeviceTree, Address).
But because i didn't have those beans.

I tried a "VERY SIMPLE" RichFaces tree from http://livedemo.exadel.com/richfaces-demo/richfaces/tree.jsf?tab=model&cid=1445593
But when i used your word-tutorial to make the default tree model from that live demo Website, i got another problem. ( I hate programming.. It is always about another another and another problem).

And then, i went back to my first plan which was Seam Web Project.

In this file, you could see what i did. http://www.sendspace.com/file/rad9dd

It stressed me up. I got even more nervous. Many people in the forum said that those examples are very simple
For me, it is not simple at all. I still could not make it.

It is really impossible. I started to try to make a tree with Richfaces since 2 weeks ago. And until today, i still got nothing...
13 years ago

i don't know how to say thank you to you.
You answer me very fast. I really really thank you once again.

Anyway, you forgot to answer my first question.
The Project where you made tree is Seam Web Project, right?
And you run that project on JBoss?? Or from TomCat?

Because my project is Seam Web Project with the Runtime JBoss AS 4.2 (Which means : it run from the Server JBoss).

13 years ago
Well, ok thank you for your answer.

And another question.. What kind of project you had?

Because i tried to make this tree on Seam Web Project.

What bout you??

Ok, i tried already to make the implemented tree from http://livedemo.exadel.com/richfaces-demo/richfaces/tree.jsf?tab=model&cid=1445593
But it is not quite good written i think.
Because there are only Open Source, Java Source.

And i dont know if i do it right. For Example, that java source i put it in this folder, or the open Source i put it in that folder.
Hmmmm it is frustrating me....

And in this forum http://www.jboss.org/index.html?module=bb&op=main&c=27 they only answered me like this.. "Yeah.. run the sample from the beginning... it is very simple"
But they didn't really explain it one by one.... ARghhhhhh
13 years ago
Hello Matt,

i just realize, my web.xml is not the same like your web.xml.

You can looked at the codes that i circled with a red color.
My web.xml didn't have that code.
Did you add that code manually or is it automatically there?

Thank you for you feedback
13 years ago

Wow.. After 3 months?? oh my God..

You make me scared now...

Could i see your Tree Java Code please?

13 years ago

Thank you thank you thank you very much.......
Wow.... It showed something.. Welll the tree wasn't shown but at least there is no error on the webbrowser anymore.

This is the result :

Maybe i want to try like you.
I want to make a Java Class (Java Bean). In this Class i will make a tree.

Then on my .xhtml data, as value i will add like this #{bean.text} or something like that.

My question is: if i want to do like that, i should add a managed bean on the faces-config.xml (with the name "bean", based on #{bean.text}")

But should i also change or add some code on web.xml??

13 years ago

First, this is my source code:

In the preview, it was like this

So when i deployed it, i should see at least the same preview on my browser.
But this is what i got from my web browser:

I didn't change anything on my faces-config.xml and web.xml.

I am using Eclipse Ganymede 3.4.1, updated JBoss Tools from Eclipse, using JBoss AS 4.2 Runtime.

You have any idea?
13 years ago
Hello @ Matt Kohanek,

I am a newbie here and i have an exact error like you..
which is, on the browser i get this

I want to ask you how uou solved your problem???

I need your help..

Thank you
13 years ago