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Thanks for replying.
that means Oracle doesn't give any direct solution for the Mutating Problem, Youu have to resolve it through programming.
Thanks Again
18 years ago
I am having a mutating problem while updating a
table, there is after row trigger while updating the sal column, thats the general view of the problem:
when anyone update the salary column of emp table, its ename is changed into the User Id.
Can anyone know how to resolve the problem
Thanx & Regards
18 years ago

The fact is that:
a) instance method is always called of which instance (i.e Cyborg )is created.
b) However, keep in mind that when an instance variable is used, it will always be of the type of class . here, in this case is Robot.
Since Robot rm = new Cyborg();
Hope it helps & check this for yourself by practising.
19 years ago

Thanks Kris
I got my answer. I just want to confirm whether
this variable can access static member before creating object
which is not possible.
Thanks again for the reply,
19 years ago

Hello Cindy,
Can u give an example of aggregation?
So that it would be more clear
19 years ago

Can anybody knows that this variable can access static
members. If so,can this variable access them before creating
object or after creating.
plz reply
19 years ago

What I understand from your Query is:
the Array is taking 28 bytes rather than 24 bytes is bec:
Arrays in Java are objects & object variables always store
refernces of the array & refernces are always stored with
integral value. Therefore:
int[] arr = new arr[6];
here, arr ---> references store as integer value --> 4 Bytes
arr[0] --> 4 bytes
arr[1] --> 4 bytes arr[2] --> 4 bytes
arr[3] --> 4 bytes arr[4] --> 4 bytes
arr[5] --> 4 bytes
which equals to 28 bytes in total
Infact, all reference variablei.e of objects will storewith the range of integer
b) the "reference variable" of float & double or any other datatype will store with an integer. but the array values will have the same size as of datatype like:
double arr[] = new double[6];
48+ 4 = 52 bytes

I hope ypui have understood & will help in the next two questions
20 years ago

I had a problem.
there is a question?
Is overloading an example/type of Polymorphism?
i have tried a simulator (jxam) & the options were:
1) overloading
2) overriding
2,3 & 4 th options were not correct , I have checked overriding
but the answer was overloading.
Also, i have study in the notes of Velmurugan of it that
Overloading is an example of Poly.
What is the truth?
Plz help , its urgent
20 years ago

The String created through new Operator like this:
String ss = new String{"tiger");
are created on Heap Memory area ,while
String ss = "tiger";
created are on Constant Pool memory area.
As any operation is applied on the later one, like:
ss += "Animal";
The STring going to transfer to Heap area.
" the basic difference b/w is the Memory area"
intern(): this method when applied to first of the STring
it will tranfer itself from Heap to Constant POOL memory.
I hope this has helped U. Any difficulty ask again i'll try to help.

20 years ago

Thanks Christopher and Cindy for your great help!
With Regards

20 years ago

Can we get on fields( variables ) as well as Methods ( static
& non-static ) by exploring Class class methods & using
Field class array.?

Originally posted by Cindy Glass:
If you use the Class class (don't you love it )
Class myC = new Class("WhateverClass");
Then you can use the methods of Class to get at some MetaData.
For instance:
Field[] classFields = myC.getFields();

20 years ago

Metaclass is automatically loaded when a Class is loaded
but how do we get the information in metaclass?
20 years ago