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Recent posts by osman mohamedbrhan

I bought my voucher from sun micro systems south Africa branch , since i am from Ethiopia there is no sun micro systems branch , i send the money using bank statement on January 2010 they send me the voucher immediately. but when i try to register in pro metric center here in Ethiopian now on July 2010 they told me the voucher is not working.
and i never schedule any other exam.
i was communicating with sun micro systems with this email address suncert_ww@oracle.com , is there any one know the phone number ,
of sun micro system concerned about voucher problems.
Hi java ranchers
Last time as I told you I bought I voucher for SCJP 310-65 , but the voucher is not working now but when I ask the Oracle , they told me that my voucher is used for exam 310 200 , I don’t have any idea about this exam but the exam status is “No show” it is not taken so far or not cancelled .
How this can happen, I never ever give my voucher to any body . please if you have any idea share to me !!

Thank you !!
My voucher is not working now, but I am planning to take my exam next week or as soon as oracle give a new voucher .since the voucher is expired on December 31 2010 , may I continue my preparation or may I stay till the oracle confirm about the voucher problem !!

Thank you for your helping me!!
my name is osman , I was issuing a voucher for Java SCJP 310-065 exam from Sun Micro system South Africa branch and they gave me voucher number after i transfer the payment through bank. But the voucher was expired before on December 31 2010 the expiry date. But When I try to register to Prometric center now on July 2010 they confirmed me that voucher has been expired it eror is “ . The voucher XXXXXX, is expired or has been redeemed on another registration.
I email to the Learning Administrator the one who approved the whole process and who sent me the voucher Janice.Jensel@sun.com but the email has been failure to delivery and I call to Sun Micro systems they told me, Janice has left the company and I contact imraan( the one replace jance) , she told me to contact suncert_ww@oracle.com I mailed them but still there is no response ,

Please help me what can I do and what can be the exact problem of the voucher!!

thank you !!